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Dr. Bahram A. Badlou

Dr. Bahram A. Badlou
Medische Consulent & Haematology Specialist
bij BBAdvies and Research
te Zeist (ZZPr)
The Netherlands

Biography :

I would like to collaborate with your department based on my 20 years experiences in Extreme aging, physiological aging, synthetically induced aging, Biomedical Sciences, Transplantation Sciences, Transfusion Medicine, cell and organs regeneration, Aging and antioxidant and degradation processes studies, mechanism of regeneration and tissue repair systems, teaching medical students, collaborating with different universities and companies concerning medical questions. I am going also to collaborate in a novel- and challenging works in novel area in tissue and Diabetes research and development to carry out variety of complex research experiments in hematooncological- aging related diseases and be responsible for overseeing laboratory operations within my department, as well. My idea at least but not last in these novel tissue and bone engineering is mainly additive to your approaches which I hope to adapt it whenever needed.

Research Interest :

My approaches mainly focus on protein-DNA repair systems, metabolic approaches, prevention of degradation processes by antioxidants, regeneration of cells and organs by specific activation of some proteins and enzymes, metabolic suppression of apoptotic processes. Furthermore, I am going to start new line of basic research using your equipment to study lung injury/repair, cell motility and cytoskeletal rearrangement, aging model systems of heamtooncologic diseases and vascular physiology as required.