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Prof. E. Shyam P Reddy

Prof. E. Shyam P Reddy
Professor and Director
Dept Ob/Gyn, Georgia Cancer Center for Excellence
Grady Memorial Hospital

Biography :

Dr Shyam Reddy is a Professor and Director, Cancer Biology Program, Department of OB/GYN, Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Cancer center for excellence, Grady Memorial Hospital, Atlanta, Ga. He carried out his Ph.D. work at the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India and at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry, Gottingen, West Germany. His Ph.D. work was published as two papers (back to back) in the prestigious Nature journal for which he was awarded National Young Scientist award by the Prime minister of India. He obtained postdoctoral training in molecular biology at Yale University, CT. Dr Reddy discovered and cloned several cancer genes/oncogenes (close to 20 genes) and studied their functions. The most notable genes discovered by Dr Reddy include ERG-1, ERG-2, ERG-3 and human FLI-1genes. Drs Reddy and Rao named the gene as ERG. ERG is a transcriptional factor, endothelial permeability factor and also a stem cell factor and is involved in 50-80% of Prostate cancers, Ewing sarcoma and also leukemias (AML). Other notable ETS genes discovered and studied by Dr Reddy include human Fli-1, EWS-Fli-1, EWS-erg, TLS-ERG, EWS , TLS/FUS, ELK-1 and EWS-ATF-1. Dr Reddy and his group have also discovered novel post-translational mechanism mediated by BRCA2 in Breast Cancer cells that will have global effect on the Gene Expression, Protein turnover, Cell Death, Cancer and other Human diseases. Recently, Dr Reddy’s group decoded non-coding DNA and it’s non-coding RNA and discovered novel tumor suppressors which will revolutionize the landscape of biology, diagnosis and therapy

Research Interest :

Molecular Oncology, Signaling pathways, Noncoding DNA and RNA, Therapeutic Strategies, Oncogenes, Fusion -oncogenes