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Volume: 1   Issue: 1
Evidence of Handedness and Related Dental Hygiene on Oral Health
Itir Aydintug, Sema P. Aka, Rukiye Dagalp*and Doruk Iper
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The National Green Tribunal in Indian Perspective
Vivek Dubey*
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Efficacy of Benzidine Test in the Identification of Blood Stains Found on Different Fabrics after Washing for Consecutive Days
Saritha D’Souza* and Pooja V Menon
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Anti-Transgender Violence: A Crisis in Identity and Intolerance
Lee E Ross*
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Comparison of Cardboard Pieces as Physical Evidence in Murder Case Using Simultaneous Thermal Analysis
Keshav S Kapgate, Renuka V Phadke, Charansing B Ghoti, Shivangi S Apte and Vijay J Thakre
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