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Comparison of First Trimester Screening for Down’s Syndrome Using Free β-hCG and PAPPA Levels between Spontaneous and IVF Pregnancies: A Mini-Review
Robabeh Taheripanah, Noushin Gordani, Maryam Talayeh and Marzieh Zamaniyan*
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A Case of Maternal Near Miss of Postpartum Hemorrhage on a Dilapidating Wound of the Perineum and Vagina
Théophile Nana Njamen*, Gregory Halle Ekane G, Michel Roger Ekono, Henri Essome, Robert Tchounzou, Gaetan Simo, Felix Elong, Cédric Njamen Nana, Sandrine Njamen Mindjouli and Thomas Egbe Obinchemti
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Pelvic Endometriosis in a Black Virgin Adolescent in Sub-Saharan Africa
Théophile Nana Njamen*, Henri Essome, Tchounzou Robert, Michel Roger Ekono, Cédric Njamen Nana, Sandrine Njamen Mindjouli, Fewou Amadou, Thomas Egbe Obinchemti, Gregory Halle Ekane G and Emile Mboudou
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Multifetal Gestation with An Anomalous Twin: An Ethical Obstacle Course
Lily Criscione*
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High Risk of Developing Cancer in Young Patients with Fanconi Anemia
Paloma Ortega Quiñonero*, Aurelia Tejedor Gutiérrez and Carlos Moreno Ortega
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