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Volume: 1   Issue: 2

JULY 2019

The Prevalence of Viral Hepatitis: A Case Study of Aliero Metropolis
Haruna Y* and Attahiru A
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Median Lethal Dose and Phytochemical Studies of Aqueous Leaves Extract of Blue Pussy Leaf Nelsonia canescens (Lam.) Spreng
Haruna Y*, Isah I and Elinge CM
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Current Methods for Quantifying Drug Synergism
Jun Ma and Alison Motsinger-Reif*
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Entropy via Art
Abraham Tamir
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Bacterial Prevalence and Antibiotic Sensitivity in Diabetic Foot Ulcer: Analysis of Diabetes Spectrum
Gyan Chand*, Ashok Kumar#, Vijay Kumar#, Sanjay Singh and Nitish Kumar Gupta
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