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Segmentation of Biomedical Imageries Using Data Density Functional Method
Ming-Ze Kao, Dean Chou and Chien-Chang Chen*
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The Role of Proteomics for Dissecting Aberrant Molecular Signaling Pathways upon Egfr-Tki Treatments in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Denise Utami Putri, Francis Kachidza Chiumia, Yu-Teng Jheng and Chia-Li Han*
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Genotype-Phenotype Correlation and the Severity Index for β-Thalassemia
Mohammad MS Al-Haggar, Mohammad Emad Rasmy, Mohammad AM Islam, Darwish A and Balkis A Khair-Allah*
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Managing the Problem of Healthcare Payment Fraud: An Editorial
Jeffrey E Jarrett*
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Emergence of Antimicrobial Drug Resistant Bacteria in Nepal: A Current Scenario
Saroj Adhikari, Bhuvan Saud*, Govinda Paudel and Dipendra Bajracharya
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