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Volume: 3   Issue: 1


Biotechnology & Genetically Modified Organisms
Entela Shkembi*, Claudia Petrelli, Nicola Daniele, Francesco Zinno, Gallo Emiliano Omar, Filippo Giacone
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The Fatty Acid Composition of Pomegranates Grown in Turkey
Aybuke Ceyhun Sezgin* & Nevzat Artik
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Reducing Bitterness and Increasing Antioxidant Activity of Sesame by a Novel Ultrasound Technique
Jyh-Ming Hu, Pan-Pei Wen, Ying-Chien Chung and Man-Hai Liu*
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Ozone Therapy for Spine Diseases: Review of Cases
Danilo Ruiz Reyes* and María Elena Romo
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Molecular Identification of the Antibiotic Producing Bacteria, Burkholderia Cepacia Complex, by Means of Real-Time PCR
Viviana Chiluisa-Utreras*, Cristofer Sánchez and María Elena Maldonado
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