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Volume: 1   Issue: 1

APRIL 2015

Influence of Autoclaving of Shrimp Shells on Proteinase Enzyme Production and Protein Hydrolysis by Aspergillus niger
Nesreen Mahmoud and Abdelkader Ghaly*
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Influence of Low Temperatureand Geometry on the Drying Behavior and Quality Parameters of Strawberry
Abdel Ghaly*, Amal Hammouda and Mariam Al Hattab
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Effect of Carbon Dioxide Concentration on Cell Growthand Oil Yield of Freshwater and Marine Microalgae
Mariam Al Hattab and Abdel Ghaly*
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Optimization of Enzymatic Transesterification of Beef Tallow Using Candida Antarctica Novozyme 435 with 2-Butanol and Hexane
Abdel Ghaly*, Su-Ling Brooks and Santhosh Kumar
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Detection of Sugar Solution Adulteration of Fresh Orange Juice by Near Infrared Spectroscopy
Jutharat Nawayon and Panmanas Sirisomboon*
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