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Volume: 7   Issue: 2

APRIL 2021

Carwash Wastewater Treatment and Reclamation Technologies for Water Conservation and Pollution Load Reduction: A Review
A E Ghaly*, N S Mahmoud, M M Ibrahim, E A Mostafa, E N Abdelrahman, R H Emam, M A Kassem and M H Hatem
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Sustainable Forest Management Implies to Use Not Only Timber but Non-Timber Resources Too
Tamaz Patarkalashvili*
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HPLC Determination of Atenolol, Losartan and Candesartan in Their Bulk and Dosage Forms and in Presence of Candesartan Degradation Products
Mai A El-didamoony, Mohamed E Elsadek, Mohamed M Baraka, Samy M Ibrahim and Mahmoud M Sebaiy*
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MHC Genes in Immunized Sea Star Asterias Rubens
Michel Leclerc*
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