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Volume: 7   Issue: 1

MARCH 2021

An Innovative Approach to Managing Closed Landfills in Industrial Parks: Toward Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development
AE Ghaly*, R Cote, NS Mahmoud, C Galbrand, M Kamal, A Snow and S Patterson
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Regulation of ULK2 Autophagy Activity by SGK1
Sung Hwa Shin, Eun Jeoung Lee, Sunghee Hyun and Sang Sun Kang*
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Water Use, Wastewater Characteristics, Best Management Practices and Reclaimed Water Criteria in the Carwash Industry: A Review
A E Ghaly*, N S Mahmoud, M M Ibrahim, E A Mostafa, E N Abdelrahman, R H Emam, M A Kassem and M H Hatem
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Complement System in Asterias Rubens Genome: Comparisons with Rainbow Trout Complement
Michel Leclerc*
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Bismuth Level in the Prostate of the Normal Human: A Systematic Review
Vladimir Zaichick*
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