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Volume: 1   Issue: 1
Statistical Aspects of the Interrelation between the Biological Activity of Chemical Compounds and their Molecular Structure
Mukhomorov VK*
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Computational Approach Study of a Versatile Model Peptide: Lessons from N-Methylacetamide
Apramita Chand, Pragin Chettiyankandy, Subrat Kumar Pattanayak* and Snehasis Chowdhuri*
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A Miniaturized UWB Microstrip Antenna Structure
Ahmed Abdulmjeed1, Taha A Elwi2* and Sefer Kurnaz1
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Experimental Study on Waxy Oil-Water Horizontal Flow above the Wax Appearance Temperature
Ali Piroozian* and Ali Esfandiari Bayat
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Exploring the Antivenom Kinetics and Dosage: A Mechanistic Investigation
Sharmistha Dhatt*
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