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Volume: 6   Issue: 2


Comparison of Posterior Micro Laminoforaminotomy and Anterolateral Microforaminotomy Without Fusion for Treating Unilateral Spondylotic Cervical Radiculopathy
Mohamed Elmaghraby* and Osama Elfahl
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Plasmapheresis in Patients with Positive Antiacetylcholine Receptor Antibodies
Ghulam Shabbi*, Zakir Jan, Haris Majid and Danial Ahmad
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Correlation between Angiographic Parenchymal Heterogeneity and Cerebral Infarction Following Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage
Nannapat Trisiripanit* and Kittipong Riabroi
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Neuro Psycho Physio-Pathological and Neurochemical Aspects of Feeling Angry
Domingos M*, Cordeiro N, Geraldes R and Faria M
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Raising the EFLs Learner Autonomy Via Self-Awareness and Language Awareness Techniques
Rula Yazigy*
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Effect of Core Strength Training in Addition to Conventional Training Program on Fitness in Adolescent Boys
Ruchika Sikri, Kalpana Zutshi* and Hanudutt Sharma
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A Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic: Origin, Clinical Picture, Transmission, Preventive Measures and Present Treatment
Areeba Kaleem, Hafiza Aisha and Taqdees Malik*
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Psychological Impact Among Patient Admitted with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in A Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern Pakistan
Ayesha S*, Anaam B and Azizullah KD
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