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Volume: 2   Issue: 2

JUNE 2019

Patient Engagement in Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Wendy KD Selig and Bray Patrick-Lake*
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Does this Particular Child Need Psychotherapy?
Susan Harter*
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Pre-Operative Anxiety in Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital, Peshawar, Pakistan
Aurang Zeb*, Hammad, Muhammad Ali, Rifat Baig and Shakira Rahman
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Tropical Spastic Para Paresis Management - A New Hope
Avinash Shankar*, Amresh Shankar and Anuradha Shankar
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Molecular Docking Based Analysis to Elucidate DNA 1,2-Phenylenediamine Schiff’s Base Derivative Interactions Promotes Chemotherapeutic Intervention
Inass A Sadawe, Abdulathim AA Alshoushan, Nisreen H Meiqal, Salah M Bensaber, Anton Hermann and Abdul M Gbaj*
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