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Volume: 3   Issue: 2

MARCH 2020

Describing the Neural Components for Cognitive-Skill Units within Each of the Multiple Intelligences - A Brief Summary
C Branton Shearer*
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Self-Esteem in Adolescents and Its Connection with Stressful Experiences
Eglantina Dervishi*, Fatlinda Peposhi and Silva Ibrahimi
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Temporal Seizure Focus-Induced Cotard Syndrome: A Case Study and Literature Review
Martha J Ignaszewski* and Walter Kilpatrick
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Results of a Cross-Sectional Overview for Psychopathology in Cancer Patients at a University Hospital in Italy
Leonardo Fei*, Luca Boni, Francesco Di Costanzo and Angela Salomoni
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Dynamic Parenting Therapy - A Current Review of Psychodynamic Parenthood Therapy (PPT)
Dror Oren*
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