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Volume: 2   Issue: 2

JULY 2020

In Silico Study on the Binding Pattern of cTap Binding Epitopes of S-27 Strain with the Common HLA Alleles for the Chikungunya Vaccine Development
Sanjay Mishra*, Prashant Saxena, and Madhvi Saxena
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Theoretical Investigations of Effective Debye Temperature, Pseudo-Gruneisen Parameter, and Bayer’s Nonlinear Parameter of Some Polymers and Their Blends in Dimethylformamide at 303.15 K
D P Gupta, A Upmanyu*, M Dhiman, P Kumar, K Singh and D P Singh
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Sibr (Aloe barbadensis): A Broad-Gauge Confine of Conventional and Contemporary Amend
Hilal Akhtar* and Syed Zeba Husain
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Chlorotoxin Conjugated with Saporin Reduces Viability of ML-1 Thyroid Cancer Cells In Vitro
Rizvanovic Husref, Kim Kyoungtae*, Pinheiro A Daniel, Thomas Johnson
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