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Volume: 3   Issue: 3
Global Diversity in Acceptability of Vaccines during Pregnancy
Patwardhan M* and Gonik B
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Chinese Asylum Seekers Fleeing Religious Persecution: Anthropological and Psychological Issues in Relation to Pre-Migration Traumatic Experiences and Post-Migration Uncertainties of Life in Host Countries
Castaldo M*, Aragona M, Schillirò MC, Dal Secco A, Tumiati MC, Forese A, Agrò F, Tosi M and Mirisola C
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First Trimester Anomaly Screening: The Outcome of Antenatally Diagnosed Exomphalos: With and without Liver Herniation
Kalaskar A, Bakalis S*, Ushakov F, Paolo De Coppi and Pandya PP
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Current Issues in Treatment of Urinary Stress Incontinence
Balakrishnan SS*
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Pregnancy and Physical Activity: Dispelling the Myths that Disempower Women
Prewitt-White T*, Miossi L and Spirov L
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