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Volume: 2   Issue: 1
Improvement in the Properties of α-Amylase Enzyme by Immobilization using Metal Oxide Nanocomposites as Carriers
Savitha DP, Bindu VU, Geetha G and Mohanan PV*
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The Effects of Graphene and Graphene Oxide Platelets on Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Cement Mortars
Farani MR*, Ahmadzadeh M, Vahdat A, Barkati M and Ebrahimi SH
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The Protein Corona: A Tangled Puzzle
Pederzoli F, Ruozi B*, Tosi G and Duskey J
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Consciousness Energy Healing Treatment and It’s on the Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Aluminum Powder
Branton A, Trivedi MK, Trivedi D, Nayak G and Jana S*
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Evidences for IL-6, IL-23, IL-17 and Adipokines in Patients with Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes Immunopathogenesis
Gahlot G*, Soni Y, Joshi G, Vyas RK and Agarwal RP
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