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Volume: 4   Issue: 1


Postpartum Depression: Once and for All?
Landsman Anna* and Greenberger Chaya
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Efficient Removal of Drugs from Aqueous System with Graphene Based Nanocomposite Derivatives with Magnetic Chitosan
Farid Abu Shammala* and Barry Chiswell
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Review On Scale Up And Process Validation Of Lacidipine Tablets
Rahul P Gaikwad, Sameer S Sheaikh* and Dinesh Deshmukh
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Okra is used as Hypolipidemic Agent
Shahina, A Azim Azmi, Shah Murad*, Adnan Shafique and Abdul Ghaffar Mastoi
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“Gene” of Mind and “Gene” of Soul
Tapan K Chaudhuri*, Tushar K Chowdhury, Tandra R Chaudhuri, Taposh K Chowdhury and Bulu R Chowdhury
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