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Volume: 1   Issue: 2


Pharmacogenomics of Alzheimer’s Disease: Genetic Determinants of Phenotypic Variation and Therapeutic Outcome
Ramón Cacabelos, Juan Carlos Carril, Pablo Cacabelos, Oscar Teijido and Dmitry Goldgaber
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Age and Genotype-Related Changes in Brain Bioactivity Networks: Potential Influence on Drug Monitoring and Neurodegeneration
Iván Tellado, Clara Torrellas, Juan Carlos Carril, Carmen Fraile and Ramón Cacabelos
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Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P)-Containing Niosomes as Vehicle to Deliver Amyloid-β in a Novel Alzheimer´s Disease Vaccine
Iván Carrera, Lucia Fernandez-Novoa, Carmen Vigo and Ramón Cacabelos
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