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Volume: 2   Issue: 2

MAY 2021

Practice of Aerospace Medicine in Field: A Comparison of Russian Air Force and Indian Air Force
Ajay Kumar*
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Farmers’ Suicide as a Multidimensional Malaise: A Case Study of Farmers’ Suicide in India
Dominic PT* and Molly Kaniyampadi
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Epidemiology of Affective Disorders in Russia/Siberia from 1994 to 2017: Gender Issues and Trends
Gafarov VV*, Panov DO, Gromova EA, Krymov EA, Gagulin IV and Gafarova AV
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Determinants of Depression among Elderly People Attending Day-Care Centre in Pokhara
Ananta Raj Dhungana*
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Fluid Overload in a Case of Severe Dengue Fever: An Insight to Add Diuretics
Kiran B*, Santosh K and Surbhi R
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Care of Central Venous Dialysis Catheters (CVC)
Prevyzi Evangelia*
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