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Volume: 2   Issue: 1


A Non-Randomized Study to Assess The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programmed on Knowledge Regarding Sibling Rivalry and Its Management Among Parents In Selected Community Areas, at Jaipur (Raj)
Amar C Yadav *
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A Study to Assess the Knowledge on Nipah Virus among BPT Students at Institute of Paramedical Science, Kannur
Little Flower P*, Aleena R, Shonima A, Sini A, Sneha M, Vishnu GS, Vismaya P and Vismaya V
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The Deviated Septum: A Review
Manish Munjal*, Pankaj Arora, Shubham Munjal and Tulika Saggar
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Assessment of Nurses’ Knowledge Level Regarding the Methods Used in the Perioperative Area Cleaning
Sena Nur Ekinci, Zehra Durna and Gamze Temiz*
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To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Implementing Triage System in The Emergency Department at A Tertiary Care Hospital
Sudheer Tale*, Ramanpreet Kaur, Soumitra Ghosh, Sivaji P, Soibam Pahel M and Gautam VK
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Case Report: Unilateral Ovarian Absence (UOA) with Unilateral Ovarian Hypoplasia and Uterine Hypoplasia
Rana Kamar*
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