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Volume: 2   Issue: 3


Functional Foods and Quality of Life: A Prospective Study
Kate Bauer, Vasuki Wijendran, Charles Marsland and Stacey J Bell*
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Solid-State Characterization to Understand the Change in the Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of the Consciousness Energy Healing Treated Pyridoxine
Alice Branton, Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi, Gopal Nayak and Snehasis Jana*
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Growth Response and Bacteria Count of Broiler Starter given Delonix regia Leaf Extract as a Natural Alternative to Antibiotics
Alagbe JO*
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Novel Graphene Oxide Based Adsorbent Embedded with Epichlorohydrin and Allylamine Hydrochloride (GO-ECH-AAH) were Prepared and Employed for Endotoxin Removal from Aqueous Solutions
Farid Abu Shammala* and Barry Chiswell
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Health Benefits from Functional Protein Hydrolysates of Marine Resources
Babji AS*, Nur ‘Aliah D, Nurul Nadia M and Lim SJ
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