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Volume: 2   Issue: 1

JUNE 2017

Roles of and Interventions for the Complement System in Liver Regeneration
Qi Cheng, Songqing He and Junfei Jin
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The Basics of Artificial Antigen Presenting Cells in T Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies
Lillian R. Neal, Stefanie R. Bailey, Megan M. Wyatt, Jacob S. Bowers, Kinga Majchrzak, Michelle H. Nelson, Carl Haupt, Chrystal M. Paulos* and Juan C. Varela*
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Functions and Mechanisms of AKBA in Inflammation Diseases and Cancer
Qianqian Yin, Jing Bai, Yang Sun, Zhikai Wang and Honglin Wang*
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Targeting Cytokines in GVHD Therapy
Sandeep Kumar, Hemn Mohammadpour and Xuefang Cao*
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Chimeric-Antigen-Receptor (CAR) T Cells and the Factors Influencing their Therapeutic Efficacy
Victoria G Kravets, Yi Zhang* and Hongxing Sun*
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