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Volume: 3   Issue: S1

MAY 2020

Microplasmin JG: Treatment to Thrombotic Diseases without Risk of Bleeding Events
Agustín Joison* and Federico Gallo
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The Importance of Incessant Training, Education and Awareness in Pharmacovigilance
Grigoris Agyralidis*
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Role of Nano Antibiotics (nAbt) in Treatment of Infectious Diseases due to Drug Resistant Pathogens
Kalyani M*
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Nano Therapeutics for Plant Based Natural Products for Respiratory Disorders
Rachana* and Manisha Singh
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Simple and Accurate HPTLC Method Development and Validation for Gliptin Binary Mixture with Metformin in a Novel Antidiabetic Multicomponent Tablet Dosage Form
Rajesh Varade* and Harsha Mishra
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A Complete Guide on the Pharmacologic and Pharmacotherapeutic Aspects of Calcium Channel Blockers: An Extensive Review
Kishor Santhosh*
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Urine Antigen Tests in the Etiological Diagnosis of Community Acquired Pneumonia - Our Experience
Marina Roksandić Milenković*, Vesna Ćeriman, Vladislav Milenković and Dragana Jovanović
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Different Methods of Turmeric Tea Infusions: Comparative Antioxidant Study
Pooja V Jagasia*
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A Comparative Clinical Diagnostic Examination of Deceased Poisoned Patients in Baharloo Hospital through Autopsy and Toxicology at Tehran’s Medico Legal Organization during 2014-2015
Zahra Aghili Tekye*, Behnam Behnoush and Elham Bazmi
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