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Volume: 2   Issue: 4

JULY 2019

Identification of the Degree of Air Pollution by Heavy Metals using Moss Bioindicators
Topchiyeva Sh A*, Aziz-zade NA, Karimova RZ and Yıldız LZ
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Disease Biomakers in Serum: Analytical Methods of Identification and Quantification
Mbah CJ*
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Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Emergency Medicine
Tiziana Ciarambino*, Gennaro Sansone and Mauro Giordano
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Artificial Intelligence: Ethics in Healthcare
Anubha Dubey*
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Palytoxin Time-Resolved Absorption and Resonance FT-IR and Raman Biospectroscopy and Density Functional Theory (DFT) Investigation of Vibronic-Mode Coupling Structure in Vibrational Spectra Analysis
Alireza Heidari*, Jennifer Esposito and Angela Caissutti
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