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Volume: 3   Issue: 4


Fluoroquinolones: Mechanism of Action, Classification and Phototoxicity
Jyoti Singh*, Ajeet K Srivastav, Divya Dubey and Shikha Agnihotry
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Improving Pharmacotherapy of Arrhythmias in Childhood with Monitoring of Heart Rate Variability
Buchhorn R*, Mayer C, KerteƟ-Szlaninka T and Willaschek C
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Targeting Long Non-Coding RNAs Binding to EZH2 for Reduced Cancer or Associated Diseases
Kanchan Kumari and Sandip K. Mishra*
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Determination of Some Anti-Inflammatory in the Wastewater of Treatment Pharmaceutical Industries by RP-HPLC
Mohammad Anas Alfeen*
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Biochemical Approach to Investigate Cause of Wilson Disease via Functional Expression of Genes in Human Hepatoma Cells
Shikha Agnihotry, Ajeet Kumar Srivastav, Pradeep Kumar Shukla and Budhayash Gautam*
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