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Volume: 3   Issue: 4
Fluoroquinolones: Mechanism of Action, Classification and Phototoxicity
Jyoti Singh*, Ajeet K Srivastav, Divya Dubey and Shikha Agnihotry
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Marketing Authorization of Orphan drugs in Turkey
N Buket Aksu* and Birsen Eren
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Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Repaglinide by Ionic Gelation Method
Kabita Banik* and P Bharath Kumar
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Synthesis of Biodegradable Cationic Surfactant and its Application in Water Treatment
Pawandeep Kaur, Sharanmeet Kour, Monika Sharma, Sadia Rehmani and Hari Singh*
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An Appraisal of Plants as a Natural Source of Conventional Drugs
Stephen Lutoti1*
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Formulation and Standardization of Herbal Medicinal Products: A Review of the Formulation Considerations, Quality Control and Safety of Herbal Products
Stephen Lutoti*, Patrick Okwany, Clement Olusoji Ajayi, and Joseph Oloro
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