The Importance of Managerial Skills in Sustainable Leadership?
Ash Malhotra*
Corresponding Author: Ash Malhotra, Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology, 322 Hardy St, Nelson 7010 New Zealand
Revised: December 12th, 2020; Available Online: December 21, 2020
Citation: Malhotra A. (2020) The Importance of Managerial Skills in Sustainable Leadership? J Infect Dis Res, 3(S3): 03.
Copyrights: ©2020 Malhotra A. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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The recent COVID 19 crisis has raised a relevant question about leadership capability to manage the situation which is going out of control around most part of the world. The WHO has warned that the cases are “on the way up”. This is dampening hope of a quick recovery for world economies and permit cross-border travel. The leadership initiative is back in focus. The concern of the researcher is that at present the technical aspects are getting precedence over other areas for solution. The management angle for handling such crisis in current times and in future needs serious critical thinking. It is raising questions about “whether the pandemic could have been handled in a better way and minimized the collateral damage”.

 The research reveals that a combination of managerial and leadership skills is a better option for a leader and entrepreneurs to lead through the pathway to the goal and ending in success. The research addresses a sensitive but critical issue which has global ramifications. Many high-profile leaders have failed to successfully grapple the COVID 19 crisis while some low profiled leaders have performed unexpectedly well. The study reveals an important aspect of management by leader. The outcome of the study is critically relevant for leaders to manage disruptions in society and organizations. The sustainability aspect to manage societies need to be complemented with leaders with sustainable skills. It is necessary for consistently stable management of the societies. The author proposes to initiate basic investigation so that deeper investigation can be carried out in future.
Keywords: Leadership, Managerial, Skills, Sustainability