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A Comparative Study on the Forbiddance of Wine by the Holy Quran and Medical Science
Mohammad Reza Afroogh1*, Ali Reza Khajegir2 and Mohsen Fahim1
Corresponding Author: Dr. Mohammad Reza Afroogh, PhD, Faculty of Law and Theology, Islamic Azad University, Najaf Abad Branch, Najaf Abad, Iran
Received: May 03, 2019; Accepted: June 19, 2019 Available Online: July 24, 2019
Citation: Afroogh MR, Khajegir AR & Fahim M. (2019) A Comparative Study on the Forbiddance of Wine by the Holy Quran and Medical Science. J Alcohol Clin Res, 1(1): 1-6.
Copyrights: ©2019 Afroogh MR, Khajegir AR & Fahim M. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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God is the creator of man and your being is based on the laws of God and according to human body. One of these laws is the forbiddance of wine. Sometimes humans measure the rules of the Lord with their incomplete knowledge and do away with everything that is not fit for their wisdom, and, because of their ignorance, they are destroying themselves. However, philosophy is not much of a religious affair in our little mind and because of the absence of the Imam[i] P.B.U.H), the reason is not specified. God says in the Holy Quran: “Satan will put hostility through you by wine and gambling and will prevent you from prayer and remembrance of God.” On the other hand, medical science has proven that wine and especially alcohol-heavy wine, damage bone cells, is a cancer causative agent and there is a strong link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer, esophagus, oral, trachea, larynx and pharynx. Alcohol affects the vascular system and heart, its high consumption causes dementia and brain disorders, it is a risk of developing type 1 diabetes and is affecting vision. In this descriptive-analytic study, we study the causes of wine ban in the Holy Qur'an and medical science.


Keywords: Wine, Quran, Ban, Medicine, Body, Soul, Human



In the name of the law, any kind of liquid Khmer is said to be taken from grapes or from raisins and dates and includes any kind of booze [1-10]. For the drunk that they make, they go to the wisdom of the curtain and they do not let the bad from the good and the ugly from the beautiful [11]. Drinking drinks have different names, such as champagne, whiskey, brandy, brandy, vodka and beer, all of which are alcoholic. The amount of alcohol is different in humans, for example, brandy has 66% alcohol, but alcohol has less alcohol.

Other wines and chemicals have a lot of chemicals, but what we are most interested in is ethyl alcohol with the formula (CH3CH2OH). In fact, the main ingredient in wine and wine is alcohol, which causes all physical and mental losses and it comes from fermentation of grape juice [6]; maybe we are asked why the reason for addressing the issue of wine ban in the Holy Qur'an and medical sciences is? In response to this question, firstly, human health is the health of the community and the health of the community, that is, human well-being and secondly: the morality of the family and the community is completely dependent on the health of the individual who lives in this community and family. So, according to what has been said, a few basic and fundamental questions regarding the ban on wine and alcohol are raised:

1.       Does the struggle of the Holy Qur'an with wine only have a religious aspect? Or does medical science agree with it?

2.       Is alcohol only harmful to humans or is it harmful to everyone

3.       Is wine having only physical harm or is it a psychological disadvantage?


Before the advent of Islam, drinking wine was a human habit and among many nations wine was an official food “like tea in Iran”, because people did not have full knowledge of their losses. As far as we are concerned, the ban on wine prior to Islam has no history and is based on the provisions of the establishment of Islam. So, after the ban on drinking wine in Islam, the flood of protests against Islam and Muslim leaders flooded and many of these rulings was astonished and the cause was sought [4]. Of course, wine-making in many non-Muslim countries is still open, and propaganda and cybercrime are also taking place. The historian Ernest Renan writes: “The religion of Islam has saved its followers from many miseries such as wine and pigs, and the dog's glaze.” (The same is the first one who around the year 800 AD was the presence of a material in Khmer “He realized that his temper would be hot and fast, and would remove his mind and insight from man, Jaber ibn Hayyan,” The second century AH “but he gained a small amount and called it “giant”, then later called alcohol” [6].


One of the issues that have stumbled upon human misery over the course of history is the issue of wine. One of the goals of the prophets and apostles was the fight against wine. As the holy sayings of Imam Sadiq (p.b.u.h) states that Almighty, when sending a prophet to his people, on the path to complete the religion, he placed wine in one of the principal orders of that religion.

This trend in Islamic religion, as in the rest of the divine religions, was carried out and the society was infected at the beginning of the advent of Islam and prior to the declaration of the wine, until the Prophet (p.b.u.h) slowly and gradually ordered the wine to be venerated He informed the people. (The same); in Judaism, drinking soft drinks and wine and even fresh or dried grapes is forbidden because of destructive and harmful effects [11]. In the Jewish law, the punishment of the priests who drink wine and other impurities they were dying, it was death. Those who vowed for the Lord also had to avoid drinking wine. Solomon believed that the wise person would not be close to the wine. And in order to avoid misery and grief and follow God's will, he should not be keen on wine because of corruption and sin Gets (Proverbs 33: 299).

The Bible says that Jesus was drinking wine at the Lord's Supper (Matthew 26:26). In the eyes of Christians, drinking wine is a kind of thanksgiving to God (Colossians 3:17) and an opportunity to remind you of the salvation, happiness and death of Jesus Christ (Corinthians 11: 25). Nevertheless, moderation and moderation are recommended in drinking wine (Timothy 3: 3).

Therefore, the notion that the reverence of wine is only related to the religion of Islam is a false idea. Nowadays, in some religions, it is lawful to eat wine; this is one of the hallmarks of distortions carried out in divine rituals by mankind, a clear example of which can be found in the Jewish religion, as well as in the distortions which are revealed in the religion of Christ by the saints of Paul Found, followed [12,13]:

The steps of encountering the Holy Quran with wine

In the Holy Qur'an, God treats the problem of wine in four stages, which is very instructive, in the first step, he says: “And you will get the fruit of the palm trees and grape juice, drinking good and good food (Nahl/67).

The word of intoxicating in the Persian dictionary has come in a number of ways: the dessert wine, the taste of food and the rest... [14]. The principle of this word means the duct of water, and the drunk is said to be a servant because the way of knowledge Closes In this verse, some commentators have used the term “intoxication” in the name of the likes of drinking wine. Therefore, the verse above refers to the undesirability and the sanction of wine [11]. Therefore, at this stage, healthy and legal uses of grape fruits and dates are emphasized and the correct use is shown. This is the first step in educating the people and preventing ugly habits.

In the second step he says: Ask you about wine and gambling. Say, “There are two great sins and profits for the people, but their sins are greater than their profit” (Cow/219). Here are a few points to note:

a)       Some Muslims were paying attention to wines and gambling, asking for their rulings and the verse was revealed in response to their questions.

b)       The Holy Qur'an treats softness when it wants to bake wine.

c)       The Qur'an's educational method is very interesting because in dealing with the two ugly phenomena of gambling and gambling the game does not strike from the beginning, but it is fair to say that these are benefits (material and transient like gambling or forgetfulness of the sadness of life in the drunkenness) But it is more harmful (physical, mental and physical). So the meaning of the verse is that wine and gambling imparts a lot of harm to human life and body because it is an obstacle to perfection and goodness. This interesting Qur'anic encounter with the wine-making phenomenon caused many Muslims to abandon this ugly habit.

In the third stage, he says: “O you who believe, do not bite near prayer until you know what you are saying (Nisaa / 43). This verse refers to the fact that Muslims are not entrapped with a drunken state after eating wine, and this has two important benefits. First, chanting with God requires understanding and comprehension, and if someone Drunkenness is against the Prophet, in addition to being an idiot, he will not enjoy prayer [11].

In the fourth stage, the Lord says: “O believers wine and gamble, and idols, and arrows, are evil and are evil of Satan.” Stay away from them, be successful. Indeed, Satan wants to create enmity and hatred with you through wine and gambling, and will keep you from remembrance of Allah and prayer, so do you miss (Maedeh/91-90).

In this verse, two points are noteworthy: First, the verse expresses the verdict of respect for the wine definitively, but this was done after three steps before the Muslim mentality was prepared for this sentence. Second: In this verse, the sanction of wine was the form of dry matter is not stated, but the disadvantages of wine and gambling are expressed, which are: evil is the act of Satan, and he wants to create an enemy with this practice and wants to prevent this action that you remember God and Pray for prayer.

The scientific reasons of the Holy Quran in the ban on wine

One of the strongest aspects of the scientific miracle of the Quran is the boycott of wine, which mankind has not been aware of for hundreds of years since its adversity, which is now briefly and conclusively referred to as part of the convincing proof:

Eliminates wines and eliminates humanity from the realm of humanity. In the area of social affairs, it enhances the morale of crime and provides grounds for accidents, killings and suicide, which is evidence of Western research institutes. The economic losses caused by the physical and emotional pain caused by alcohol to humans and humans are another part of the effects of alcohol. In addition, the intellectual disadvantages of wineries are significant. Avoiding spirituality and human morality that afflicts the foundation of the family and the emotional relationships of parents and children is another part of this issue, but what the Islamic and non-Islamic physicians focus on is the harmful effects of alcohol in terms of medical science, which is detailed There are some facts in this regard [6].

Wine effects in holy sayings: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: Wickedness is the root of ugly crimes and evil affairs [13] and Baqer [10] (p.b.u.h) said: “Allah Almighty is like an idolater, the wine brings about his body, brings about his manhood, destroys his fairness and his love, the wine that brings the wine-maker over courageous attitude towards her and bloodshed and adultery. Drinking drunk may even engage in incest. And know that the wine is forcing any kind of evil and acts of inhumanity” [10].

In these holy sayings, there are some harmful effects of the body such as scumbags and some mental and psychological effects, such as the inability to control the behavior. What is most important is the issue of the abandonment of reason that is mentioned in these traditions.

The spiritual and social effects: In the Holy Qur'an and the Prophets of the Prophet (p.b.u.h) and Shi'a Imams (p.b.u.h), mention is made of the negative effects of wines from the spiritual and social aspects. We refer to four aspects in this study:

a.       Exit Eater wine from the field of humanity: Wines of reason eliminates, therefore, since reason is the greatest divine gift to man and thinking of human privilege on animals. So we conclude that when a person drinks wine and gets drunk, the human mind goes away and it removes itself from the domain of humanity and at that time man becomes an animal and acts like an animal.

b.       Social welfare loss: The wine is a degeneration of the evil deeds Satan wants to make of it (Ma'edeh, verse 91-90). Note: The word “devil” is known in Islamic teachings and the Qur'an, including the “devil”, but it is said to every evil being and devil who is Satan. Wine traders commit criminal acts because of the harassment and wickedness often found in drunkenness, so that the large number of accidents, murders, and suicide and involvement with the police are related to people who use alcoholic beverages. They do. According to the statistics published by some research institutes in the West: the crimes of the clergy are as follows [11]:

·      The perpetrators of mass killings are 50%

·      Beating by drinking wine 8/77%

·      Alphabet related robberies 88/88%

·      Sex Crimes Relating to Alcoholics 88.8%

One of the experts says: “One of the losses is the harassment of the oppressed people. The wine-maker, people, neighbors, parents, family and children are harassed” [6].

c.        Economic losses of wines: One of the scientists says: “If governments guarantee that they close the door to half of the taverns, we can guarantee that we do not need half the hospitals and hospitals” [11]. So, if alcohol trading has a transitory benefit (such as taxes for governments), then the losses are more than beneficial, this is the truth that the Qur'an has been saying centuries ago. And the Holy Qur'an says: The disadvantage of wine is much greater than its profit (Cow. verse 219).

d.       Spiritual Losses of Wine Warming: The use of hackneyed people generally excludes man from religion. But in particular, the Holy Qur'an states: “It prevents the memory of Allah and prayer (Ma'edeh, verse 91-90). Another disadvantage of alcohol in the field of ethics is: in alcoholics, the affection of affection and affection for women and children becomes weaker, as it has been repeatedly seen that fathers have killed their children with their own hands [11].

The harmful effects of drinking wine in terms of medical science

In this case, many scholars, physicians and commentators have written books and articles. We point out some of them: First, we bring Dr. Diab and Kyrgyz to the detailed descriptions in this regard: alcohol is transported to the blood at an amazingly rapid rate through absorbed mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach and lungs. As soon as the drinking bowl reaches the mouth, alcohol is absorbed and rapidly enters the blood stream. After entering alcohol, the stomach is distributed to all body tissues according to the ratio of water in it. If a pregnant woman consumes alcohol, some alcohol consumes it to the body of the embryo that is in the abdomen and directly affects the brain, since it directly affects the brain on the brain.

Disposal of alcohol: 5-10% of the alcohol consumed is excreted without any alteration by the kidneys and lungs. But the rest are exposed to liver oxidation and converted into carbon dioxide gas and water and energy. The calorie value obtained from one gram of alcohol in this action reaches 7 calories, which also causes severe food intolerance in humans, which results in a person suffering from defective food in the body.

Alcoholism and neurological diseases: Alcohol addiction causes the following neurological diseases:

a)       Malfunctioning in a number of nerves: In this case, the alcoholic man suffers from muscle weakness and tremors and pain in the hands and feet.

b)       Disturbance in the work of a nerve: In this case, disturbances occur in the course of the activity of the nerve with temporary paralysis. According to the type of nerve, this disorder may appear as a paralysis of the facial nerve or the nerve of the eye or a paralysis resulting from sleep, which is most recent in advanced countries where a person is drunk “usually Saturday nights, which is shutting up tomorrow,” is like that the nerves of the elbow and head of the bones of the wrists and fingers are squeezed so that the stimulus muscles are paralyzed.

c)       Inflammation of the optic nerve: Most alcohol addicts suffer from this disease, which is associated with reduced visual acuity. This situation leads to blindness in some rare cases.

d)       Alcohol-free alcohol: The alcoholic “grapefruit” of the disease is commonly seen with the alcoholic ides.

There are also other diseases that are found mostly among alcoholics. One of these diseases can be the external membrane swelling of the brain, spinal cord syphilis, brain tumors and muscular disabilities.

Alcohol and digestive diseases: From the moment alcohol entry into the gastrointestinal tract leads to degeneration and corruption, including:

a)       Scratch the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat and damage to the tongue and tongue.

b)       Appearance of white plaques on the language (Leukoplakia), which is often a language of cancer.

a.       Esophageal inflammation.

c)       Severe blood vomiting due to tearing some of the veins in the esophageal attachment area to the stomach.

d)       Esophageal cancer. Statistics show that 90% of patients with esophageal cancer are alcohol addicts.

e)       Acute stomach inflammation. All alcohol addicts have the exception of acute stomach inflammation.

f)        Chronic and hidden stomach inflammation. Most polyclinics are affected by this disease. In the onset of this disease, protein deficiency plays an important role. As a result of this disease, the person gets anemia due to the lack of absorption of vitamin B12 by the body, which is the patient's own condition for developing gastric cancer.

g)       Stomach cancer 90 percent of people with gastric cancer is alcohol addicts and tobacco use can help.

h)       Stomach ulcers: One of the doctors named Dr. Gordon says:

“10-15 percent of the causes of gastric ulcer are alcoholic beverages, and on the other hand, alcohol prevents the symptoms of the disease, so the patient may have had a bleeding gastritis for a long time without knowing it.”

i)         Disturbance in the absorption of food in the intestines due to the patient's liver, stomach, pancreas and pancreas.

j)        Alcohol and pancreas: The damage to the pancreas of alcohol is:

·         Acute pancreatic inflammation, in which the gland is digested intrinsically (rash) and then torn. As it was said, it is a dangerous disease that most cases of pain relate to the alcoholic ides and cause 70% of these conditions are alcohol.

·         Chronic pancreatitis, which plays an important role in malnutrition, digestion and absorption of food.

k)       Alcohol and liver: Drug-related liver disease is one of the most dangerous health problems in the world today.

It's good to know that drinking Khmer is the most important factor in the development of liver cirrhosis in western countries. The relation between drinking alcohol and pathogenesis is a broad and detailed discussion not so much in this article, so we briefly describe three relationships:

1.       Effects on liver transplantation, which will lead to reduced blood sugar and increased fatty liver density.

2.       Direct and poisonous effects on the liver.

3.       Food deficiencies Alcoholics due to their appetite, which leads to a decrease in protein, sugar and fat in the body.

But the most important liver disease due to drinking alcohol: liver transfusion with jaundice, acute liver inflammation and cirrhosis of the liver. Usually these diseases are completely interconnected and all ultimately lead to liver cramps. The disease is not curable because the liver is the center of metabolic and nutritional metabolism of the body (The Central Metabolism).

The most important results of liver enlargement include abdominal inflammation and the appearance of warts in esophagus and hepatic cellular carcinoma. In France, every year 225.5 and in Germany 16,000 die from liver cramps as a result of alcohol consumption.

Alcohol and heart disease: Alcohol has a close relationship with many heart diseases, including:

1.       Heart muscle weakness, especially after drinking beer due to the presence of cobalt in it.

Congenital heart defects in children if the mother has been drinking alcohol in the first months of pregnancy. It is necessary to say that some people use alcohol as a home for heart irritation, ignoring the fact that the result of the image is obtained. Because alcohol, due to its thermal calories, causes obesity and increases blood lipids in the long run that exacerbates the pain of the heart and acts only temporarily and as a dermatologist.

Alcohol and bloody dysfunctions: Due to low appetite and malnutrition, alcohol causes the following complications in relation to blood:

1.       Reduction of blood iron.

2.       Reduction of colic acid in the blood.

3.       Reducing vitamin B12 in the blood.

4.       Reduced red blood cells, resulting in yellow skin.

5.       Hemosiderin.

6.       Alcohol and infectious diseases: Alcohol addiction weakens and weakens the body and lowers its resistance. Therefore, the development of infectious diseases, especially contagious infectious diseases, is very high among these people, including tuberculosis, syphilis, inflammation of the lung, malaria, fever, skin diseases and inflammation of the sweat glands under the armpit.

Alcohol and sexual activity: Alcohol has a great influence on sexual activity, including:

1.       Increases sexual desire, but reduces the ability to perform sexual activities.

2.       May cause testiculitis and enlargement of the breast in the male, especially if it is accompanied by a liver disease.

3.       Causes a defect in women's sexual behaviors.

4.       It causes changes in the spleen which results in the birth of defective children.

Alcohol and cancer: Alcohol is one of the five main causes of brain cancer. The reasons that are known in the UK to -s (Ss-5) are:

1.       Smoking

2.       Spicess- alcohol

3.       Infections- Spesis 

4.       Spicess- spices

5.       Syphilis- Syphilis

In a study conducted by Dr. Lorimi, 51 patients out of 58 patients with tonsillectomy, tongue and larynx have been identified as alcohol addicts. And these cancers are the worst types of cancer because they take the power of speaking and eating from the patient and make life very difficult for him.

Alcohol and pregnancy: The most important issue for women in alcoholic beings is the presence of types of disabilities in 33% of them. These disabilities may be in the form of defective growth, mental retardation, visual impairment, and congenital heart disease [6].

One of the contemporary writers in this regard states “The Effect of Alcohol in Generation” and writes [11]:

“A person who during drunkenness concludes 35 percent of the complications of alcoholism to his or her child and if both men and women are drunk, one hundred percent of the acute complications appear in the child and children who lack sufficient rational and spiritual power. 75% of the mothers and 75% of the alcoholic beasts were born. And children who do not have the ability to live at birth have 6% alcoholic fathers and 45% alcoholic mothers.”

Alcohol and mental illness: There are many psychological and mental complications that arise due to alcohol addiction or sudden and sudden abandonment. Among them are the most important:

1.       Dilerimtremens, which is an acute condition with mental disorders, neglect, trembling and excitement.

2.       Korsakof syndrome, which is the weakness of the zodiac+delusions+inflammation of the nerve terminals+the loss of the power of recognition and recognition [5].

3.       Wernick's encephyloqthy disease: In addition to the side effects of Korsaf's madness, it also has other side effects, including: eye muscle paralysis+loss of thinking power+dizziness and anesthesia.

4.       Alcoholic retardation: Alcohol weakness+disability in controlling emotions+disruption in brain activity.


Avoiding Drinking Wine and Judging It's Wickedness is one of the miracles of the Qur'an, because it was issued under conditions that humankind turned to wine with hunger and appetite and had little knowledge of its health risks. In fact, this ban has been one of the services of the Islamic religion to humanity. Nowadays, medical sciences have presented a lot of disadvantages for drinking alcoholic beverages that should be considered in their place. Some writers consider one of the miraculous dimensions of the Qur'an to change the Arab society of ignorance and their stranglehold in the shortest term [7], so the issue of wine and the four-stage encounter of the Holy Qur'an are one of the miraculous effects of the Holy Qur'an. The wine has been sanctioned for various losses and consequences and the psychological and psychological effects of wine...are not at all comparable to the tiny economic benefits and possibly physical (in the treatment of certain illnesses).

The criterion of humanity is on other bodies of his intellect and because of the reason that man makes science. All the advancements and advancements of human societies are the result of human knowledge and knowledge and eliminate the wines of reason, albeit in a limited time. Therefore, the notion that the sanctity of wine is only related to the religion of Islam is a false idea and that today, in some religions, Khmer is considered lawful, this is one of the hallmarks of the distortions carried out in divine rituals by man.

It should be noted that divine rules are based on material and property, that is, solvency is a sign of expediency and its utility for human beings, and the forbidden to sign is a sign of the harm that it has for human beings. The personal and social losses of wine are not overlooked by anyone, although they may have short-term and short-term benefits, as stated in the Holy Qur'an: Ask you about wine and gambling, say: “In those two great sins and profits for And their sin is greater than their profit (Cow, verse 219), as well as in verses 90 and 91 of chapter of Ma'idah, gambling and playful filthy acts and of the devil tool.


After explaining the study of the ban on drinking wine from the point of view of the Holy Qur'an and medical science, the following conclusions were made:

1.       The disadvantages of wine, especially its health and physical harm, are the wisdom of sanction and impure wine.

2.       Avoiding wine and judging its filthiness is one of the great miracles of the Holy Qur'an.

3.       From the perspective of educational science, the step-by-step approach to dealing with the ban of the Holy Quran with the ban on wine can be a good way to make the right changes and combat acute social defects.

4.       The spiritual, social, and health benefits of wine that are approved by the Holy Qur'an and medical science are quite visible in societies where wine is abundantly used.

5.       The Holy Quran says: Human health is the health of the community and the health of the community, that is, the happiness of mankind, therefore, anything that distances us from prosperity and happiness is forbidden, such as wine and gambling and narcotics.

6.       The Holy Qur'an says: “O man, you are God's successor on earth, so consider yourself and do not ruin yourself.”

7.       The family foundation is the dearest center and center of the Holy Qur'an and says that playing with wine and gambling will not ruin the family's foundation. 

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