Review Article
Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach*
Corresponding Author: Idegu Ojonugwa Shadrach, Department of Political Sciences, Adekunle Ajasin University, Ondo State, Nigeria.
Received: 09 November 2023; Revised: 19 November 2023; Accepted: 22 November 2023 Available Online: 18 December 2023
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Cultures remain one of the most transformative agents of humanity. Growths and developments in the societies are traced to functions of norms and values - the appropriations of cultures. Humans and cultures only go contrarily on bases of dimensions on interests. However, this is basically credited when a person is trying to transact two different cultures at a time, and when reasons to do that is not morally rooted and supported. Cultures should not be framed to make doctrines and to be taken for granted. There would be a dangerous climate in the society, if done knowingly or unknowingly.

Keywords: Cultures, Societies, Engagements, Regulations, Norms, Values, Humans, Bitterness, Challenges and Indigenous.

Culture is a quintessence of societies. It extends fellowship of external values and norms-where open doors for meaningful transactions are initiated. Growths and developments in the hemisphere have been and would be basically achieved on the sole impacts of cultural diffusions and revolutions between different entities with high volume of understanding and deep wealth of knowledge. This output has in totality venerated different doctrines drafted from filtered cultures by some privileged people in authorities and thereby, has caused humanity to face underserved and unadulterated challenges for courses of ignorance transpired during the transliteration of cultures to fix in demands of interest. Culture on its own is divined. Wrong usage of culture on a fact of marrying external cultures to define a strange entity is the only effrontery dilapidating cultures. The meaningful reason a culture is acknowledged comes from judicious workings of norms and values on a particular society. And, this brings beauties of a common or collective people of ethnicity. But, an abuse of culture is relatedly stood on adopting it without managing all regulations attached. Again, adopting a culture without knowing reasons and future goals-vision and mission it stands for. This is one of the strongest reasons marrying strange cultures have started and have continued to bring serious pandemonium to our societies and on the move, has rendered bitterness of cultures. Culture being a common phenomenon among a collective or set of people aids at guiding lifestyles and for so doing; has greatest impacts on human growths and developments which extends on a meritorious usage. Invariably, on the contrary, affects people who are not destined to be naturally related to. It is on that phase and force; the current era has received tremendous backward achievements due to wrong usage of adopted cultures that appear suitable to some things thought and taught to be needed of.

Observations and examinations which are not used to evaluate values and norms we take to apply on the indigenous cultures have established damage in cultural appropriations. A human knowledge and understandings are capitally enriched with culture of his or her background. Even in as much as cultures suffer omissions in the era for one reason to others, original cultures in many occasions, naturally speak unknowingly about a person. Divinely inclined, and on the goal, a person does genetically time to time – knowingly and unknowingly. Sequentially, in a process of switching cultures that are not well-groomed with, catastrophic engagements come into scenery. Hence, no one successfully gain mastery of two or more cultures at a time even if a person has parent of different cultures. It is on this note, it is necessitated to have better knowledge and understanding on a particular culture before venturing into a cultural enterprise. If not, when dashed into with little or no knowledge and understanding, skills of the culture must drag something down and can lead to endless frustrations. In a nutshell, it is better to declare-off an indigenous culture so as to go to study from elders of a particular culture in which you want to label engagements on and in. This is so as one of the features of culture is transient and sociable.

In the recent trends, the complexities in understanding a foreign culture have instituted lifestyles that are strange to background of the young ones (youths). This in all means has caused stir reactions between elders and youths in the societies. Importantly, instead of asking for reasons parents and children are not agreeing to one another on the display of different culture, none is ready, rather, each want to understand one another blindly. To the regard, the ignorance has destroyed many things between parents to children and between youths to youths and is relatively causing mysterious death of humans and some natures around. Without finding a solution to end this ignorance, there wouldn’t be a room to live with minimal challenges in future – both parents and children would be credited with shortage stay of lifespan. To get the solution, we should not be too way backward to only see ugly part of it and to refuse to know or learn reasons to balance things; we shouldn’t learn how to gain mastery to defend ourselves without real facts; and many more in order to avoid keeping development far away from advent. Importantly again, we should not learn to abuse knowledge and understanding we gain from foreign cultures. This is because, no culture is permanently perfect. Notes; cultures are the drafts of set of old and intelligent people in a particular ethnicity. Therefore, it is only divined as it guides activities of a particular society to get desired results and it is not final nor fatal as values and norms which are formations of a culture are credited and acknowledged by mortals who do things on a limited interest and who have no end to want and wish. This has to be maintained to avoid further and total damage of cultures and to equally further reduce death rate emanating from cultural abuse of the era.

Cultures are envelopers of humans-characters and doings are enveloped in it. Therefore, the growths, developments, downfalls, challenges and problems of a society is a core responsibility of a culture. As the cultures are designed by well-mannered, old and intelligent people, so as, when a society doom-fit to review cultures for any reason, it should be carried out by similar set of people of the time. But, not all aspect of a culture is to be reviewed. Only the disturbing aspect should. However, the society is set to experience mysterious death and some imbalances for a while before the aspect reviewed come to stay friendly. Much more, better is to renounce a particular culture than to manage two cultures that are not traced to your origin at the time. It set generosity to oneself, family and in some occasions, the society at large. Again, great depth of understanding and knowledge is needed to enable someone to be highly culturally devotee in this era where youths engage with things that can bring easy comfort without minding how cultures regard it.

The singlehandedly touch of cultures to frame a particular doctrine for a certain group uncollectively is a great danger waging against beliefs of a society. Basically, it happens where and when morality is traded on a collective interest by heads of organizations and movements. This will be so when people of authorities draw constitution singlehandedly without boards of director and the people to govern or to be managed, then, the fundamental principles of culture would receive inevitable abuse-for no singular person is good enough to constitute directions for the fellow colleagues and followers. Because the spirit of interest has no respect for truth within a singular mind. But, can be over-tuned at emergence of many minds (people) as some people are not foolish and too foolish for materialism. Hence, humanity is a collective work and cultures are the components of humanity. Therefore, for no singular reason a person dictates for a society. So, cultures shouldn’t be framed to make doctrines by a particular person-either to be formed or reviewed. Rather, it is a collective works on all sizes and angles. This would avoid and reduce promotion of ignorance in cultural exchange.

On a big note, cultures have received toxic influence from religion and politics. So, in as much as cultures have been marred for some new resolution in the life of youths, religious and political systems which have direct input on societies do have similar concern on the culture; because, when religious and political implications befall citizens, a lot of nonsensical cum ignorance activities are showed and respected daily on the land and the damages which the implications have on norms and values is a basically effrontery to societal flows and on a long run must touch and question efficacy of belief earlier attached to the cultures. It is all over how this is illegitimately out-righted cultural influence in the societies. Worst is seen as village leaders are politically controlled to sell consciousness and wealth of the villagers. And having traded cultures with religion and politics, is selling humanity to the unknown. Then, the fate of citizens is mortgaged. And norms and values of societies are out-righted by doctrines legitimated under foreign phenomena in a sole rope of selected and limited interest that originally spans for few years. Note; trading away cultures for what wouldn’t have replacement and on things having inferior length of stay is one of the greatest factors factorizing cultural existence and outburst. Substantially, religion and politics shouldn’t take cultures for granted; if cultures no longer have strength in a society, histories are in danger. Religion, politics and histories are the components of societies. Histories show backgrounds, religions show beliefs and politics show managements. None is to be used against another-for when both are used together on original and moral exigencies, fundamental humanity is a big goal. And, reversely, humanity has no option outside destruction and even as so, poor citizens always have strong bitterness of such emergence and culture, the first compound of humanity would also continue to kill people ignorantly.