Sali Bakare*
Corresponding Author: Sali Bakare, University of the People, USA
Revised: 21 September 2020;
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Happy hour concept is a successful sales promotion and marketing strategy that has thrived for decades. The concept is a type of promotion or advertisement for some industries such hospitality, retail, etc. An example will be serving champagne at a reduced price for 2 hours on a Monday night. It originated from the 1920s when sailors used it to designate the time when they could take a break from their duties on board and chill out. The phrase “happy hour” then spread to civilians who like to drink before going to dinner although alcohol is illegal back then. In the 1960s, restaurants and pubs started using the term “happy hours” to describe a temporary discount on drinks intended to attract customers during off-peak hours. And in the 1970s, restaurants began to add food to their happy hour specials. The concept of happy hours then evolved to become a global trend. Happy hour strategies are a great way to experiment with new items, understand the customer behavior, and boost revenues and profit. Happy hours concept may be an old hat; it is always a good idea for one to take a look at what the competitors and the successful businesses around are doing.


Keywords: Happy hour, Promotion strategy, Marketing strategy, Up-selling mechanism.