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Determination of Existence of a Soul, Properties, Follow Dalton (Da) Rule to Explain Body-Cells & Time of Outgoing from the Body and Other Activities
Nirmalendu Das*
Corresponding Author: Nirmalendu Das, Saratpally, W.No- 40, 74/48, Meghlal Roy Road by lane.Haiderpara, Siliguri – 734006, Dt: Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, India
Received: June 09, 2020; Revised: June 12, 2020; Accepted: June 14, 2020 Available Online: July 10, 2020
Citation: Das N. (2020). Determination of Existence of a Soul, Properties, Follow Dalton (Da) Rule to Explain Body-Cells & Time of Outgoing from the Body and Other Activities. BioMed Res J, 4(3): 265-280.
Copyrights: ©2020 Das N. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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The body is the unique structure of creator of nature which known as life. It composed of many types of cells, bones, tissues with water and organic liquids etc. All compounds are in moving condition, we cannot ignore all and working as per life demand. The body is strange formation and a universal computer. The brain is commanding order; as a result, living bodies are doing work accordingly. But who is commanding to brain? How it is maintaining body, who is responsible to do? No faithful answer yet not been known. According to religious book for example, Gita soul is most powerful entity in every body. It has no death, can transfer from one to another. Huge philosophical hypotheses thus we know. But no such experimental evidence not yet had been proved. Scientists do not believe it. This has no physically evidence; only depend on faith. But we believe energy and practically proved by scientists. From this view, soul is a type of energy which leaves the body just death. In this regards few persons were trying to do planchet to prove the soul. Many stories are there in this field. But the soul passed away. Here I try to prove that soul has energy and mass. It has velocity also. The life is the cycle of work, happy, sorrow in his or her lifetime. We need to think, for a person how much he can do work in his life which is composed of happy, sorrow and rest time. Practically it is impossible to count all these. Though we can impose idea to search soul. I think is grown stapes by stapes and finally reach to the point.
Keywords: Soul for every life, Material properties, Reason of sense, Thought, Why male female
Let us go through unscientific process. We may get an idea on soul that how it may work?
Look at me; I have come here to go a long way. The path of life is no less long. This path is never smooth. Just like the street in the neighborhood. Or the way in which people move more, the way the skin peels off, the way it applies to life. The way people live their lives is different for each person. Some say goodbye in a short time, some live many years. No address for survival period. Happiness and sorrow come in different ways according to the life span. Happiness comes like happiness; sorrow comes like sorrow. Happiness means laughter, jokes, love offerings, contentment, victory, etc. Grief, suffering comes from illness, injury, failed love, abandonment, loss, etc. No one thinks of counting with these numbers. In all bodies there is something called soul which keeps the mind and soul awake till death. It is explained in different ways in the Gita, the scripture of the soul. In the Gita it is said in verses 2/13, 2/20 [1].
Dehinohasmin such as kaumarang youth in the body. That is, the body (soul) is transferred from one body to another at the time of death, just as the body of the body changes its form through adolescence, youth and old age. Stable scholars are never concerned about this change. “Na jayate mriyate or kadachin nayang bhutba bhabita or na bhuyah. Ajo nitya: Shasbatohayang purano na hanyate hanyamane sharire”. ---- (Gita 2/20)
Translation: The soul is never born or dies, nor does it originate or increase again and again. He is eternally unborn, everlasting, and everlasting. Even if the body is destroyed, the soul is never destroyed.
No experimental results related to the spirit of science have been known. Science does not believe in the concept of soul. The idea that neuroscience is rediscovering the soul is, to most scientists and philosophers, nothing short of outrageous. Of course, it is not [2]. There has been and continues to be a lot of controversy about the soul in science, since it is not possible to prove by experiment that the soul is nothing in the form of matter. Here I have tried to prove through the mathematics of the detailed religion of the soul that the soul is one and immortal, that is, the soul cannot be destroyed, and that it is a force that travels at a short speed of light. Its power is so low that it is possible to prove its existence with very fine instruments. Special emphasis has been given to the soul in different religions. The subject of this article is to clarify the idea about the soul. 
According to the Jews it is called the 'Holy Spirit' [3]. According to most Christians, the Holy Spirit is the third heavenly being of the Trinity. The three entities are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit [4,5,6].
In Islam, the soul is called holy or Ruhul Qudus [7,8,9].
Unscientific process
The soul stands on the faith of billions of people. But does the soul really exist, or does it have time to leave the body? If the soul emanates from the body, then the soul is made of some substance. But what is the nature of that substance? Matter is the real religion of the soul. Even though the science of the soul is unknown till now, it is not that the soul will remain unknown forever. Let us try to figure out how to proceed as a simple sum for the search for the soul. If there is a soul in the body, we can assume that the life of all living beings will have the effect of action, happiness and sorrow. First let us go a little further with a very simple idea. Not to mention, life is directly proportional to work (happiness sadness) and time can be the constant cause of all activities. That is, if---But the soul is made of no substance. But what is the nature of that substance? Matter is the real religion of the soul. Even though the science of the soul is unknown till now, it is not that the soul will remain unknown forever. Let's try to figure out how to proceed as a simple sum for the search for the soul. If there is a soul in the body, we can assume that the life of all living beings will have the effect of action, happiness and sorrow. First let us go a little further with a very simple idea. Not to mention, life is directly proportional to work (happiness sadness) and time can be the constant cause of all activities. That is, if---But the soul is made of no substance. But what is the nature of that substance? Matter is the real religion of the soul. Even though the science of the soul is unknown till now, it is not that the soul will remain unknown forever. Let us try to figure out how to proceed as a simple sum for the search for the soul. If there is a soul in the body, we can assume that the life of all living beings will have the effect of action, happiness and sorrow. First let's go a little further with a very simple idea. Not to mention, life is directly proportional to work (happiness sadness) and time can be the constant cause of all activities. That is, if ---
Life is directly proportional to (happy + sorrow) with work and time will constant factor of all function. So,
L∞(H+S)xW                                                   (A)
orL=Tx(H+S)xW                                             (B)
Where, L = Life, H = Happy, S = Sorrow, W = work,   T = time = Constant within the range of life. 
What I mean here is that whoever does what he does, he will get as much happiness or sorrow in his lifetime and when life is divided into happiness, sorrow and work, time increases. We often say we are wasting time. This means pulling happiness or sorrow because the work is not done. Let's figure out how true that statement is.
From the equation (B), we get, T=L/([(H+S)  ×W])           (C)
(A)     Let a person lived for 70 years. 70 years means ---
70 years x 365days x 24 hrs x 60sec x 60 sec = 2207520000 second = L = Life
where, (1 year = 31536000 second). 
Suppose a person has done 204400 numbers of works in his lifetime. Of all the happiness he has had (if the number is 5000), if the suffering is roughly doubled, it is possible to reach a conclusion through this equation. Her childhood running, crying, laughing, reading A, B, C are omitted, because, with age, these are almost erased from the mind. Taking these activities will increase happiness and increase the number of jobs. The trouble is either not getting anything in advance or slapping for naughtiness. The number of times a child laughs and cries are far greater than the life expectancy of an adult. Laughter increases the number of happiness. The number of jobs in sports, studies, etc. also increases. In the case of adults, the time taken by the soul to get out of the body will be further reduced. Here the situation has been calculated knowingly. Because, it is better to take the forgotten state as zero. In the case of one person, the condition of forgetting is the same. The ability to remember is not the same for everyone. Whatever goes away does not come back, all this must be taken as 0. Whatever he is, the life of a 70-year-old is roughly accounted for:
From the equation (C), we get,
Time of soul leaves from 70 years old body:
T=  (2207520000 sec)/([{5000 (Happy)+10000 (Sorrow)}]  ×[204400 (work)])=0.72 sec (D)
I think this time is destined for the power of his soul to go away at death. As long as he lives, he will find happiness and sorrow in proportion to his work. Here the numbers are estimated. It has been found that if a man works 8 hours a day, he will work in one year, 365 x 8 = 2920 hours and 20 years will be 204400 hours.  If 1 hour is not enough to complete a task, then someone in their 70s has worked 204,400 times. If someone says that my sorrow, suffering is less, I am happy, and then the interest in his work will increase, the number of jobs will be more there. The number of sorrows will be less. The number of happiness will increase again. When the mind is not restless and slow, the focus increases. Can concentrate on the desire to work there? When someone leaves the body at an early age, there is happiness, sorrow, suffering; the number of jobs will decrease naturally. Can a 6-year-old dead child suffer? How much does he understand about happiness? What does it do? The child's happiness is incomprehensible, crying for trouble. Laughs for happiness. Their job is to play sports, read and relax. Many a time he sings happily, tries to draw pictures and so on. Vandalism in anger or negligence is also later in the work. Let's take a look at how a child's body can be calculated.
(B) If the change in seconds as 6 years is 189216000 seconds. If the child smiles 4 times a day, cries 2 times, then the number will be 8760 and 4380 respectively in 6 years. Total 13140. If the child does sports, reading, drawing, dancing, singing all together 20 times a day, then 6 years and worked 43800 times. Then according to Equation (C), the time of exit of the soul ----
From the equation (C), we get,
Time of soul leaves from 6 years old child:
T=  (189216000 sec)/([{6760 (Happy)+4380 (Sorrow)}]  ×[43800 (work)])=0.72 sec (E) 
Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. I think the above calculation is unreasonable, no matter how much sorrow, suffering or happiness there is and none of them are special. But a reason is found for the soul to come out. 
More or Less Scientific Method
If a person calculates happiness, sorrow and work as a percentage of his life span (L), it is possible to find a character of the soul. Suppose a man has done 60% work (W) in his entire life up to 70 years. 60% of this work is done, and if in between he gets 50% happiness and 30% sorrow, then the rest of the time can be considered as fixed or no work done or we can say rest time (r). Assuming this action (w), happiness (h), sorrow (s) and rest time (r) within the work (W) range, their addition results in an account of the fullness of life which can be expressed with the Lw sign. Here L / LW = 1 is a constant. This constant is the same for all organisms. The incident can be explained here with the example of (A). If a person has worked 60% of his life in 70 years, w = 60 x 2207520000 seconds / 100 = 1324512000 seconds. In the same way if he is about 50% assured of this time of his work, then happiness is h = 50x1324512000 seconds / 100 = 662256000 seconds and if sadness is 30%, then s = 30 x1324512000 seconds / 100 = 397353600 seconds. Happiness and sorrow combined (h + s) = 662256000 seconds + 397353600 seconds = 1059609600 seconds. Rest time (r) = [2207520000 seconds (L) – 1059609600 seconds (h + s)] = 1147910400 seconds. But, Lw = (h + s) + r = 2207520000 seconds. As you can see, this time calculates the total period of 70 years. That is to say, let the constant of the soul (SC) = L / Lw = duration of life / calculation of all the fruits of working life = 2207520000 seconds (L) / 2207520000 seconds (Lw) = 1.
This proves his work time, happiness, sorrow and unresponsive time together gives full life from birth to death. In this state the soul was always present until death. Therefore, the soul is a constant force within the boundaries of life. Thus, the formula for rest time = [L – (h + s + w)] = r and the result of the whole life's work will be matched with happiness and sorrow at rest,           (h + s + w) + r = Lw, as L / Lw = 1 Constant. But L – Lw = 0, (L / Lw) / (L – Lw) = 1 / 0 = ∞, this is unsolved problem. Where, (L / Lw) – (L – Lw) = 1 – 0 = 1 has meaning. No matter what he does for any living body, he composes sometime of action, happiness, sorrow and rest within the boundaries of his life. No matter how much you do these things, life is constant. Identifying this 1 (one) as the soul proves that the soul is one and immortal. When a person rests, if he does not think of happiness, sorrow, work, that is, he is in a deep sleep, then from time to time he had some dreams. Not all dreams are remembered. Some dreams we call OK if possible. There is something going on here even in sleep. It cannot be excluded from life. Dreaming is the consequence of a complementary or incomplete state of thought. This cannot happen without the position of the soul. The ignorant child, who just lies in bed, understands nothing but mother's breast milk, that little child smiles in his sleep, sometimes distorts his face (seems to be in pain). He is said to be dreaming in his sleep. He can’t express and can't speak. This condition of the child's mind continues from birth until he speaks. When it is time for the soul to come out of the body, the body is almost at rest. No external or internal thing can attack him. The state in which the soul leaves the body is a constant 1. It takes time to get out. Happiness at that time, I can assume that no part of the grief or work will work. The power of thought will not work at this time. So, the reaction of the mind will run towards almost zero. The soul plans to take the mind with it. Otherwise, the word jatishmar or reincarnation has no value. Some may speak of pre-birth. When the soul enters another body with the mind, the effect of the thought can speak earlier. Thoughts do not come if there is no mind. So, if the soul continues to run towards 0 as a constant 1, then a time is needed. That is, if the time of tends to 0 movement from 1 second, then the time of resting with the constant of the soul is the time of departure of the soul from the body.
How 1 will turn to 1 second?
In this regard, we need to know Minkowski Space-Time Related to Gravitational force [10].
The photon mass is also interlinked in this space & time. A portion of article is mentioned here.
If the matter defines as particle like photon, it should have mass whatever at rest. The mass at rest of a particle is zero means there is no matter existing into it. If get the mass of a photon to use the equation (1), then, the Minkowski space time to be true for a photon in 4-vector system. The equation (1) is:
                m2 = E2 p2 = – (px2py2pz2)                                 (1)
Let, m = mass of a photon, E = energy of a photon in the field of space-time and – px2  py2 pz2= momentum of photon. Again, the energy equation of Einstein is E = mc2, and its momentum is p = mc. So, we can write, E = mc x c = pc. Now it can explain the R.H.S. of the equation (1) as:
m2 = E2 px2py2pz2 = p2c2 – (px2py2pz2
(Momentum of particle = p = mc) = p2c2 p2 [let, p2 = (px2 + py2 + pz2) or p = √(px2 + py2 + pz2)]
        or,            m2 = p2 (c2 – 1) 
        or,            m2 = m2 c2 (c2 – 1)
        or,    c2 (c2 – 1) = 1
        or,  c √ (c2 – 1) = 1                                                               (2)  
In Murkowski’s equation, (p′x, p′y, p′z : E’) termed as energy-momentum 4-vector. Therefore, the term (p′x, p′y, p′z) may represent by p, the momentum of a photon at rest. The equation (2) expressing the square of velocity of particle without treating mass of it. In this equation observing that c is the velocity of particle or photon in meter or in centimeter in one second condition, we cannot define length unit without space in time. But mass vanishes from the equation (2). Logically it is impossible. Without mass it is meaningless the space-time. Again, we may neglect 1 within square root w.r.t velocity c2 and then, c x c = c2 = 1, when the velocity of light 3x1010 cm/s, then
                         c √ (c2 – 1) = 1  
                  c √( [3x1010cm/sec]2 - 1)  = 1
                or c √(9x1020 cm2/sec2 - 1)  = 1
                or,    c x √c2  = 1
                or             c2 = 1
                or             c  = 1  [ where,  c = 3x1010 cm/sec], Therefore, 3x1010 cm/sec = 1
                Or, 3x1010 cm = 1 sec                                           (3)
What does mean it? 3x1010 cm in length space was created in 1 second? Or 3x1010 cm / sec = 1 (Who is this one? Is it observer or particle?)
If so, what is the property of it? When, p2 = (px2 + py2 + pz2) or p = √(p2 = (px2 + py2 + pz2)  considered as the momentum in Murkowski’s space, then apparently, we observed that the mass of particle or photon is vanishes or mass = 0. It does not follow the law of nature or physics. Similarly, L / Lw = 1, as a soul when will proceed to 0, at least 1 second to be required.
Here, we see in the above equation, c = 1, but 1 = L / Lw, so, c = L / Lw = 1. Again, 3x1010 cm/sec = L / Lw, or c = (L / Lw) / sec and c / [L / Lw] = 1. Therefore, (L / Lw) / sec = 1 or (L / Lw) = 1 sec, hence, soul is 1 and it can leave the body within 1 sec and this will the maximum time to leave. For all living life soul will bring out less than in 1 sec. Now question is that why the velocity of light for soul? The energy of soul is less than all rays known as E.M.R., all rays like X-ray, gamma, ultraviolet etc rays moves with the velocity of c. The weight of soul calculated as 1.4155x10-47 gm. So naturally, soul will travel with the velocity of light. Therefore, the equation (3) is applicable to soul also. How it is possible to determine the mass, frequency, energy of a soul is stated here.
Journey to science in searching of truth of the soul
For example, from (B), at the time of exhalation of a 6-year-old child = 189216000 s (L) / 151373200 s (r) = 1.25, what does mean it? According to known formula, f = 1 / T where ‘f’ stands for frequency and T is time. Form this view we may treat 1.25 Hz as frequency which will left from the body at last. If so, then, last proceeding time of constant soul, if we represented by (SCt), then, (SCt) = L / r = 1 / 1.25 Hz = 0.8 s. For example, from (A), the person of 70 years, the rest time will, r = 2207520000 s (L) / 1147910400 (r) s = 1.9235756658, then (SCt) = L / r = 1 / 1.9235756658 = 0.519865175 = 0.52 s. In that case of soul, (SC) = L / Lw = 1 = constant, while, Lw = (h + s) + r. But the time for the departure of the soul, T = (SCt) / [L – (h + s + w)], that is, T = 1 / r, where SCt = the time of exit of the soul and, r = [L – (h + s + Lw)]. This time will be less than 1 s even if it is the same for different organisms. Its authenticity will depend if tested. Again, if the object is not, time is not determined by observing the motion. That is why the soul is an invisible object that can be equal to a wave. Waves are a form of matter that can be converted into energy. We know, T = 1/f. Here T = time, f = frequency, (SCt) = 0.52 s = T, then, f = 1 / T = 1 / 0.52 = 1.92 Hz. In the case of outgoing of soul from the body, maximum time taken by 1 sec, then, f = 1 Hz. In terms of 1 Hz, contain, 4.44228x106 photons and the mass 7.372503257 x 10-48 g and 7.372503257 x 10-48 g x 6.0221367x1023  (NA) = 4.43982224 x 10-24 g which is 2.67372 (≈ √7 = 2.64575) times larger than an atom, (mu) = 1.6605402x10-24 g, here √7 value may be functioned as 1 /√7 = 0.3779, thus 1 s / √7 = 0.3778 sec which will be the minimum time of soul leave from the body. For 6 years old child, T = (SCt) = 0.8 s and for 70 years is 0.52 s calculated here for example. To calculating different issue of soul, we may consider 1.92 Hz frequency of 70 years old person. 
According to studies [10], the frequency of a photon is 2.251093763 × 10-7 Hz. Therefore, one soul contains 1.92 Hz / 2.251093763 × 10-7 Hz = 8.52918 × 108 photons. The mass of a photon is 1.659619614 x 10-54 g, then mass of a soul = 8.52918 × 108 photons x 1.659619614 × 10-54 g = 1.4155x10-47 g (Absolute mass of soul) [this weight is symbolized by (SCm); it means constant (C), weight (m) of soul (S)]. Accordingly, the energy of soul of 70 years old person is 7.9404 × 10-15 eV and 1.2722 × 10-33 J or 1.2722 × 10-26 erg (where, energy of a photon = 9.309779229 × 10-22 eV, 1.49159172 × 10-40 J or 1.49159172x10-33 erg). In the case of 6 years old child, the weight is 9.215629 × 10-48 g (Absolute mass of soul), so active weight is 5.5505 × 10-24 g. 1/5th of this value is 1.1101 x 10-24 g. But if we multiply by 3/2 (j = 1 + ½ where, j = Angular quantum number) for child, we get, [(SCm [6]) x NA] = 1.66515 x 10-24 g which is almost equal to 1.67 × 10-24 g of Dalton (Da).  The energy of soul is 5.16958 × 10-15 eV and the ratio of 7.9404x10-15 eV / 5.16958 × 10-15 eV = 1.53598 ≈ 3/2 = 1.5. Again, for 70 years old person, the weight of active soul is [(SCm [70]) × NA] = 8.5255 × 10-24 g and 1/5th of this value is 1.7051 × 10-24 g ≈ Da. Therefore, 1.1101 x 10-24 g x1.53598 = 1.7059 x 10-24 g ≈ 1.7051 x 10-24 g. Now we see that active weight of 70 years old person ≈ active weight of 6 years old child. Here we may give other examples: 
i)      For a 100 years old person, weight of absolute soul will 4.27605 x 10-48 g and then for active soul will, 2.575466 x 10-24 g, it is 1.542 times larger value of 70 years old person (1.7051 x 10-24 g ). This value similar to 6 years child (1.66515 x 10-24 g) 1.53598. What does mean it? Normally, very aged person behaves like child mentality. The soul weight in terms of energy can do this function.
ii)     For 1-year child, 1 year = 31536000 s. At this time child grown up with some knowledge and try to do play means work. If he does, 50% work altogether his activity, then we can consider he will do work, 50 x 31536000 s. / 100 = 15768000 s and surrounding this work period, if, h = 30%, then, h = 4730400 sec and s = 60%, then, s = 9.460800 s. Now, r = L – [(h + s) = 14191200 s] = 17344800 s, then, L /r = 1.81818 s & f = 1 / r = 0.55 Hz = 4.053 x 10-48 g (Absolute weight of 1 year child) and 4.053 x 10-48 g x NA = 2.4413 x 10-24 g which is 1.432 times larger than soul weight or 1.461 times than Dalton ≈ 1.5. Therefore, weight of active soul of 1-year child wills 2.4413 x 10-24 g/ 1.5 = 1.627 x 10-24 g. The variation of weight probably depends on immaturity. From the view of this nature of soul, we can say soul energy works in different stages of life from childhood to old age. It is time bonding particle of living body.          
Hence, [(SCm [70]) x NA] ≈ [(SCm [6]) x NA] or [(SCm [100]) x NA] ≈ [(SCm [1]) x NA] = Weight of Active Soul. If we denoted this equation by $, then, $ ≈ Weight of Active Soul. Again, $ ≈ Da and Da ≈ Weight of one Atom (mu =1.6605402x10-24 gm). Therefore, $ ≈ Da ≈ mu.
After calculating the energy or weight, we considered work, happy, sorrow and rest time of a 70 years old person and 6 years child respectively up to their life ending functions, where we used various % --- though it is unscientific. But this system tends to scientific approach. Never have we counted exact number of lifestyles of anybody. This idea lastly proved the existence of soul and its nature. The energy of soul can be proved by experiment.       
By applying this method, we can determine the mass of active soul for any living body. Whatever it differs in very small rang, though we can consider this weight to calculating cells of human life and animals.
If the % of work of life with happy, sorrow remain same for many bodies, then the weight of active soul will same for all cases (Figure 1).
Sometimes when we say what you tell me, I was thinking same. Just I ask before you tell me. This is strange thinking of mind between two. When the energy (weight in terms of energy) of soul of two bodies will proceed to same direction at a moment, then happened like this. Figure 1 is indicating that idea. At that time √j = (1.5) = angular quantum number (j = 1 + ½) will work. It is related to Planck Constant (ħ). 
S=h √(1/2+ (1/2+1) )=  √3/2  h
                           j = Angular quantum Number 
Here the spin angular momentum is characterized by a quantum number; 1/2 specifically for electrons. So, the effect of soul is true for all kind of life. 
How the energy of a soul transfer from one body to another?
The weight of active soul = m0 = 1.6656 x 10-24 g/NA = 2.7654 x 10-48 g (weight of Absolute Soul). Now, 2.7654 x 10-48 g/1.659619614x10-54 g = 1.66628 x 106 photons. The frequency of this photos = 0.3751 Hz & Energy = 1.55127 x 10-15 eV.
Where, Planck energy (h) = 4.13566769 x 10-15 eV-s. It is 2.666 times larger value than calculated energy.  Therefore, when the frequency 0.3751 Hz acts on soul a living body wills same to another fellow, then thought of two bodies will same. It happens for few moments by the action of mind & soul.
Time factor of thinking between two living bodies at the same situation
We have the equation of Unification of Physics [10] is:
NA  σe=  (me  (m02-m12 ))/(πe2 m12 )                                              (U of P)
NA  σe = (mass od Avogadro number of populated photons at exciter state
On putting the values of me, m0, m1, π, NA, we get the result of σ´ & NA σ´, when,
Weight of Electron = me = 9.1093897x10-28 g
The weight of active soul = m0 = 1.6656 x10-24 g & in terms of energy = 9.34343x108 eV…. (I)
Weight of Alpha particle = m1 = 6.6462 x 10-24 g, m1 > m0   
NA = 6.0221367x1023        
Value of π = 3.141592654
Then, σ´= 1.436509321 x 10-52 g (Weight of Absolute Soul) & NAσ´= 8.65085 x 10-29 g & in terms of energy = 4.854116139 x 108 eV …. (II)
Now, The difference of energy = (I) – (II) = 4.48932 x 108 eV (Reduced energy = Re)
We know Planck energy = h = 4.13566769 x 10-15 eV-s.
Now, (Re) / NA = 7.4536 x 10-16 eV. So, h / 7.4536 x 10-16 eV = 5.5485 s.
Therefore, 5.5 s or about 6 s time to keep in mind a thought.
The absolute soul is responsible to give order to active soul to do work. The active soul directly from body will not work all times. It depends on commend of absolute soul. In this regards, we get avidane from Gita as: [1]
The consumer of the stochastic, The Lord of the Universe, is the lord of the lord.
Paramatti Chapato Body-Smin Men: After.
(Gita 13/23)
Translation: There is another supreme man in this body, who is the watcher, the man of the hour, the lord, the lord, the lord, and the supreme soul.
When the weight/energy of active soul acts on the equation of unification of physics, the obtained energy will differ to its original energy. In creation of the baby, absolute energy has taken important role. In all other cases active souls do work normally. If absolute soul disagrees to give birth, normal active soul has no power to do this work. An interrelated system between absolute sole & active sole is stated here a figure of “Classification of Soul” (Figure 2). The weight of soul of 6 years child is taken for example. This weight 1.6651 x 10-24 g of soul is not equal to 8.6508 x 10-29 g which obtained from the equation of unification of physics. Thus, absolute soul has power to make A) 9.215629 x 10-48 g (weight of absolute soul) to 1.6651 x 10-24 g (active soul). Soul has power to go absolute weight as B) 1.6651 x 10-24 g to 1.436509321 x 10-52 g (weight of absolute soul). Again, absolute soul to active soul C) 1.436509321 x 10-52 g to 8.65085 x 10-29 g (Through the equation of Unification of Physics), the weight is not equal to 9.215629 x 10-48 g and 1.6651 x 10-24 g respectively.
How out going energy of soul strikes to 1st to 2nd body (Figure 3: Application-I).
Acting soul from B) can control body cells like Dalton’s rule ordered received from absolute soul. Acting soul from C) has some interesting facts, these are given below.
Here is something to talk about this period. When the weight of the male soul in the picture or side is multiplied by 5 with 1.6651 x 10-24 g, we get 8.3255 x 10-24 g of male weight. The numbers are almost equal. But men weigh 96243 times more. In such a case if it acts with the weight of the soul on the right or the weight of the soul on the left then the time is 5.5 s in which the intensity of the force of attraction is greater. But if time works especially if the working soul weight of the woman on the right works 1.7302 x 10-29 g then the time will be like 1.11 s. There is less time to attract here. So, time varies especially when it comes to remembering. Here we can think that the result of the action of the will power of the soul is revealed. The soul identifies men and women in this way. In the case of women, the absolute soul weighs 9.215629 x 10-48 g (the first stage of absolute soul) by converting the weight into a functioning spirit, entering the formula of equality and taking on a different level of functioning spirit. The actual applied weight (1.6651 x 10-24 g) was 19248.4 times less than the actual weight of 8.65085 x 10-29 g. In the case of males, 9.215629 x 10-48 g from absolute soul normally weighs 5.5505 x 10-24 g. One-fifth of this weight is 1.6651 x 10-24 g, which is approximately equal to Dalton's weight and applies to both men and women. Has worked as absolute soul. This applies to both. Here is the mathematical state of how men and women were created (Figure 4). In this way the functioning soul works and becomes associated with the absolute soul.
Why mind is not comparable to anyone? 
The above calculations give us an idea that the soul is constant and individually it will always differ from each other on energy based of soul, whatever the variation to be small. As a result, mind differs all-time, because, the soul and mind are interlinked [11]. 
Capacity of time of brain to keep thought of different facts in mind
Before disusing time of any life, we need to know life lime of particle (Figure 5).
The lifetimes of quarks are < or > than 10-18 s and to 0.6x10-23 s. We can determine the average lifetime of particles from the relation between Planck Constant and Avogadro number as, (when, j = 3/2, l = 0) [10]
Here, ø = 3.7 x 1010 / 4π x (100 cm)2 = 2.944366449x105 photons) and ε = energy of photon. The lifetime of few particles is given for reference (Figure 6).
Calculated the weight of populated photons, σ´= 1.436509321 x 10-52 gm & σ´/ σ = 86.6 photons. Where, σ stands for weight of a photon. (Figure – Classification of soul).
Let, ø = 86.6 photons x NA x energy of photon = 4.856 x 104 eV for above equation, then h / ø =  8.5166 x 10-20 s and 3/2 x 8.5166 x 10-20 s = 1.2775 x 10-19 s ≈ 1.28 x 10-19 s.
Now, 1.28 x 10-19 s x NA = 77.0944 s for time of active life. Let 77.0944 s or 1 min 17 s. it may be the time to keep in mind up to this limit, because, another think occupies this place. This is shortest time to think something. The capacity of memory of a Person is very long; he can tell his boyhood’s activities. If a person lives to 80 years, then, he cannot keep in mind all. Some thought losses due to short capacity of brain. The loss value may equivalent to his or her past year’s value. It is very difficult to count. Though let us try to follow 77.0944 s to get such numbers.
We can calculate, 1 year = 3153000 s.
Now, 3153000 s/77.0944 s = 0.4090569484 x 106 = 0.41 million. This numbers to be constant for particular life. It will depend on many factors like works, happy, sorrow, rest time. The weight of soul differs accordingly, though difference of weight of souls will not exceed its limit as it creates from absolute soul. The action of absolute soul to active soul might be imposed on it. Therefore 0.41 million numbers will differ, but will not exceed this value large in scale. Due to minor difference, the properties of thinking, knowledge etc. will differ. The value of numbers of that body will constant for him or her. This principal applicable to animals, plants also. The numbers for all cases will near to 0.41 million.  A list of numbers of a body 6 years age child considered for calculations. If he/she leaves up to 100 years, then his/her activities will depend on this numbers. This is very critical feature of life. The facts are given here in Table 1.
Classifications of above times on newborn baby
1) 36.5 days (Max.) means exceeded 1 month & this is the time of milestone of a baby life:
0.1 year (36.5 days) 0.1 x 0.41x 106 41000 (N), (Practical sense & facts)
In this range baby developed his different types of practical senses like hearing, vision within the range of 30 cm, head control, movement [12].
2) What about 3.65 days (87.6 hours, minimum time) ≈ 4 days (96 hours)?
0.01yr. (3.65 days) 0.01 x 0.41 x 106 4100 (N)
As per reference [12], researchers tested 4-day old infants, they found these babies could successfully distinguish between white and orange (i.e., light with a wavelength of 595 nm). But they failed to distinguish white from yellow-green colors. But in 4 days x 7 = 28 days, most babies possess better color perception. This is the age by which they can reliably distinguish the color red (wavelength 633 nm) from white, as well as turquoise blue (486 nm), and some blue- greens (496-516 nm).
But they still struggle with yellow and yellow-greens, as well as certain shades of purple (see Banks and Bennet 1988 for summary). Color abilities continue to develop throughout infancy and early childhood.
3) Effect of 0.365 days = 8.76 h (Minimum).
The formation is 0.001year (0.365 days = 8.76 h), 0.001 x 0.41 x 106 410 (N),
Now, we can arrange this 8.76 h as:
8.76 h x 1.5 = 13.14 h, 8.76 h x 2 = 17.52 h. 8.76 h x 3 = 26.28 h, 8.76 h x 4 = 35.4 h. The researcher says, the infants-baby ranged between 12 and 36 h old-showed a clear preference for watching their mothers face, as opposed to the face of the stranger. And this was true despite the fact that the faces were presented in silence and without any olfactory cues. The babies could not have been tipped off by their mothers’ voice or scent [13].
4) What about 5.256 munities (Max.)?
0.00001 year (5.256 min) 0.00001 x 0.41x 106 4.1 (N) ≈ 4, (facts)
After birth of a baby, within 5 min, baby will A) Cry, B) Feel Pain, C) Hungry. Here, 5 min will maximum time for crying of baby.
D) Cause of happy: as he or she can come out from Mother’s womb.
According to reference [14], newborn baby gives cry signal 2-5 min. This fact proves the number 0.41 million is true for him or her life. This rules to applicable all living life.
5) What are the functions of 31.53 sec (Max.)?
0.000001 year (31.53 s), 0.000001 x 0.41x 106 0.41 (N), (growing facts)
Just after birth within 32 s, at this time child trying to grow itself to realize himself as a life what child will do. And or,
We have roughly 30 trillion red blood cells that circuit our body about every 30 s and renew themselves every 120 days. A simple calculation reveals that about 3 x 106 red blood cells die every second of our life. That’s barely 1 cubic millimeter of blood, the volume of 1/5th of a drop of water [10].
6) What is the meaning of 3.1536 s?
0.0000001 y (3.1536 s), 0.0000001 x 0.41 x 106 0.041 (N), (just starts practical sense)
In this time of 3 s, child probably starts his sense to do work. Sense creates thought. Thought is able to do work. Work builds life. We may treat this sense-time factor 3 s to build his or her lifestyle.
7) What happen before 0.31536 s?
0.00000001 year (0.31536 s), 0.00000001 x 0.41x 106 0.0041 (N), (before sense facts)
What happens in 0.31536 s? Here, it is difficult to say the use of this time in the baby’s mind.
However, it seems that it is at this time that the conscience of sensation is formed. However, 3.1536 seconds – 0.31536 seconds = 2.83824 seconds can be taken as a loss of memory. That is, our mind is always restless. The only thing that comes to mind is that any other vision turns us mind in that direction as soon as we turn our eyes away. It takes less than 3 seconds.
As so,
Example (a): For 1-year thought stored in a life = 0.41 x 106 x 0.04 (sense numbers) = 1.64 x 104.
Memory loss due to disability of thought = 0.41 x 106 – 1.64 104 / year = 0.3936 x 104 numbers.
Difference between two numbers 0.41 x 104 – 0.3936 x 106 = 1.64 x 104 number thought to be stored in memory. Accordingly, this memory, he or she does work in everybody’s life age. Again, when age grows, the capacity of thought increases and thought carry knowledge to build.
Knowledge decreased due to unpracticed habits. Reverse in condition knowledge increase. The capacity of memory is fixed for every life as per age. Sense makes all these things which stared just after delivery of a baby within 3 s with 0.04 numbers.
Example (2): For 100 years, 100 x 0.41 x 106 x 0.04 = 1.64 x 106 (Total sense numbers)
Total Memory loss = 4.1x 107 – 1.64 x 106 = 3.936 x 107.
Average loss = 3.936 x 107 /100 year = 3.936 x 105 / year.
And then, 1.64 x 106 – 3.936 x 105 /year = 1.2464 x 106 number sense means thought to knowledge will loss from total loss / year from the life.
Most important facts
It is well known that newborn baby just after delivery, time taken 1 min to 5 min. The calculated time is showing 5.256 min, it proves that soul & amp; mind is true and works accordingly to every living body. In this connection, the equation of “Unification of Physics” (Equation U-P) written here above is true though scientists do not know about this theory till now. Complete Unified Theory is applicable from particle to the universe [15]. This is single theory. It is applicable from particle to universe. All written in my book published from Germany, 2014.
Now I see, this theory is applicable to all living life. So, more or less 0.41 million number is important to every life. We cannot ignore this. The time of birth’s facts of a baby is expressing here the truth of nature. The nature is big laboratory of science. It’s mechanism of creation is wonder. We are classifying nature by applying very hard
math many ways to prove it. But nature does not like it. In simple way nature creates.
After all we are doing nothings. We are walking on this path of nature trying to test how is it
true? So, Age of living body x 0.41 million numbers = Amount of memory keep in mind.
Symmetry of number (0.41 x 106) to young girl’s egg
The function of 0.41 x 106 numbers (410000) is almost equal to average of 400,000 eggs [16] at age 18 years of young girl. It is well known to medical science. This number varied time to time on the age of woman. Loss or activity of egg has many reasons. It will depend on some factor of this number. Here is the example of 18 years young girl.
We get, 3153000 s (=1 year) / 77.0944 s = 0.41 x 106.
But, 18 x 0.41 x 106 = 7.380000 x 106 = 7.4 million. This number will function to create thought /
knowledge and for other activities as loss of memory etc. in the case of egg we may treated this
number as: 7.380000 x 106 / 18 = 0.41 x 106.
Thus, we can say 1 young girl’s egg in vaginal womb = 1 unit of number 0.41 x 106 (Maximum).
Therefore, in the case of woman for egg system, we can consider 400000 against 0.4090569484 x 106. In this condition, the egg formation is stated here of woman. The number obtained from active soul which yielded from absolute soul. So, soul is present in the egg formations. Figure 7 is tallied to reference value [11].
Women are born with ~1 million potential eggs (in the form of ovarian follicles), but that’s all the eggs we’ll ever have. Unlike skin cells or blood cells, which regenerate, our bodies aren’t able to make more egg cells. So, our ovarian reserve is like a “bank” that doesn’t take deposits-and we’re withdrawing from it with each passing month. By puberty, a woman’s egg count might be 1 million; at 25, maybe 300,000. Then, around 35, the decline starts to get a bit steeper until all eggs have been depleted (menopause).
Classification of 0.41 numbers
The number is 0.4090569484 x 106 = 0.41 million. Here if we will take 0.4090569484 only, then. 
1)       1 / 0.4090569484  = 2.444647387
2)       √6 = 2.449489743, this number is equal to 1/0.4090569484 
3)       √6 = √2 x √3 = 1.414213562 x 1.732050808 = 2.449489743
4)       But √2 + √3 = 3.14626437 ≈ 3,141592654 = π
5)       = √3 / √2 = 1.224744871 and 1 / 1.224744871  = 0.81649658 and ½ of this value is 0.40824829 ≈ 0.4090569484
6)       What interesting this 0.4090569484 number is? Here I used this number as 0.41x 106.
This obtained from 1 year in second divided by 77.0944 s.
Activities of soul
The energy of soul is too small. In support of this we can search Bhagavata & what says:    
The Bhagavad states: Verse: [1, (c)]
Hair loss percentage is similar. 
Jibah suksmasvarupohayang sankhyatito hi chitkanah.  (Bhagavata 10/6/31).  
Translation: If the tip of the hair is divided into one hundred percent, its hundred percent-like form is the subtle form of the organism; Biological and innumerable. 
The application of soul
For example, a cell is very small comparing to a body. We may multiply 1.4155 x 10-47 g of soul by Avogadro number (NA = 6.0221367x1023); the result is 8.5255x10-24 gm = (SCm[Y]) x NA. We know, 1.6605402x10-24 gm = mass of an atom and one Dalton equal to (Da) =1.67 x 10-24 gm). The formation, (SCm [Y] x NA) is 5.1 or about 5 times larger than Dalton mass discussed above. So, weight of one soul is 1.7051 x 10-24 gm. from this view soul is not one. It’s seems to be two properties. What this two?  In the book Gita, the soul explained as SOUL & Absolute SOUL:
Verse: [1].
Upadrastanumanta f bharta bhokta mahescharah.
Paramatmoti chapukto dehehasmin purusah parah ...
(Gita 13/23).
Translation: There is another Absolute Man in this body, who is the Supervisor, Anumanta, Bharta, Bhokto, Maheshwar and he is also called Paramatma (Absolute Soul).  
Now we can consider the weight of absolute soul as SCm = 1.4155x10-47 gm and for soul as [(SCm[Y]) x NA] = 8.5255x10-24 gm and it may denoted by $ and may treat as ACTIVE SOUL which is  active for every life. Thus, active soul = $ = [(SCm[Y]) x NA]. But why soul is 5 types? In this field, it is very difficult to give answer. Yet we can enter to “Chemical Composition in a body [11]”. Main 5 functions:
1) Protein 
a) Building Tissues and Muscles. Protein is necessary in building and repairing body tissues.
b) Hormone Production. Hormones are chemicals produced by glands in one part...
c) Enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that bind to molecules to speed up chemical reactions.
d) Immune Function. Antibodies are specialized protein configurations.).
2) Acetyl-CoA 3) Deoxyribonucleic acid 4) Glycogen 5) The nine essential amino acids perform a number of important and varied jobs in your body:
Phenylalanine, Valine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Methionine, Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Histidine.  
 That’s why essential amino acid deficiencies can negatively impact your entire body including your nervous, reproductive, immune and digestive systems [16].
All nine essential amino acids are referred to as complete proteins. Complete protein sources include:
1)       Meat 2) Seafood 3) Poultry 4) Eggs 5) Dairy Products 
Classification of soul
Now we can say souls are 5 types with same weight and all are active. Each soul has different function in the body which is defined as Chemical Composition of Living Cells. The weights are: 1.7051 x 10-24 gm ($1) + 1.7051 x 10-24 gm ($2) + 1.7051 x 10-24 gm ($3) + 1.7051 x 10-24 gm ($4) + 1.7051 x 10-24 gm ($5) = (SCm) = 8.5255x10-24 gm.                
Soul as mass is interlinked to every molecule in the body as a function of general formula, $ = [(SCm[Y] x NA) / 5]. Let us consider here ($1) for calculating the weight of different cells and it is almost equal to Da. Figure 8 of “Size and Molecular Weights of Some Nucleic Acids” [19] is given here and comparing to weight of soul.
We get 5 types of soul of same masses as, (1) Soul. (2) Body-Soul (3) Absolute Soul. Sometimes soul is defined as good soul and bad soul. What does mean by good & bad? These are normal sense.
Mind makes thought to do work whatever the work is good or bad. Mind also invisible things like soul. But mind and soul both placed in body. Mind creates from brain cells. A paper published from U.S.A. [20]. Here in this paper, described various million/billion/trillion cells by couple system, a new system can recovery of diseases etc.
Is soul a cell of life?
If the soul contain one cell can find the couple equation [20],
(r ± M) N → rN ± M [1 + 2(N – 2)].Nr. (N – 1) r ± MN. The middle term of this equation is:
M [1 + 2(N – 2)].Nr. (N – 1) r. when (N – 1) treated as Nr When 1 – 0, then, we get, M [2 + 2(N – 2)].Nr.Nr. Let, [1 + 2(N – 2)] = Z, so MZ. Nr. Nr. When, Z = 0, r = 1 and N = 1, then, M0x 1x 1 = M0x1x1 = M0, when M = 1, then, 10 = 1. If we consider one for one cell, then soul is one cell of mass 1.7051 x 10-24 gm. Again, the ratio of 1 soul / mu (mass of an atom) = 1.7051 x 10-24 gm / 1.6605402x10-24 gm = 1.02 = 1 soul cell. Adding the massof 5 cells, the mass is 8.5255x10-24 gm. But this idea will not applicable to soul.
 Why Soul is not cell? 
Soul is energy which is belonging inside the body and working as a master to keep steady all cells to do function. After death cells, tissues etc stops to work, soul is not. Soul comes out from the body with mind [11]. What says Gita in this field? Verse: [1]
Mamaibangsho jibaloke jibabhutah sanatanah.
Mindfulness is the cultivation of nature.
(Gita 15/6)
Translation: In this inert world, closed beings are my traditional parts. As a result of being bound by inert nature, they are struggling hard in the field of nature by the six senses including the mind.
Here we see Gita concluded, Soul = Mind x 6 Senses.
Six senses are: 1. Kam, 2. Anger, 3. Greed, 4. Moh, 5. Wine and 6. Matsarya.
The following analyzes are mentioned in the Gita.
Ripu means --- thorn, enemy, enemy. On the path of human self-improvement, these ripu s are the main obstacles. That is why the scribes have named them, Shararipu.
That is 1. Work 2. Anger 3. Greed 4. Moh 5. Wine and, 6. Fisheries.
1. Kam: --- Kam means desire, desire, subject desire, desire to enjoy any form.
Kam Ripui Pradhan, while thinking about the subject, man becomes addicted to it, desire to be addicted, that is, desire to enjoy the subject, when this desire takes on extreme shape, the name of that extreme abstraction is Kam.
2. Anger: --- Desire, desire for enjoyment, when you are bound to go to the pie, anger is aroused only when the desire of the mind is resisted. Its name is anger. 3. Greed: --- Again, desire is sweet, lustful wealth, women, houses, cars, if you are attracted to them too much, it is called greed.
4. Moh: --- Moh means - ignorance. When this ignorance, I am rich, I am wise, my amiability is manifested in all places, his name is Moh.
5. Matsarya: --- Half-jealousy, this egoism shrinks when it sees the next improvement, it engages in the next harm. His name is Matsarya.
From this quote from the Gita we can say soul = mind x 6 senses. Six types of Ripur have been mentioned. The soul is a constant in the lives of all of us. But the energy is different for different souls to be in the body. The manifestation of the soul occurs on the nature of the behavior of the organism. Here in the Gita, the outlines of various characters of living beings and human beings have been described through Ripur. That is why the soul is responsible for each of those reps. So even if the weight of the soul is one, we can show the use of 5 different souls here.
1. For work ($1) = 1.7051 x 10-24 g. The soul fulfills the desire when the cells of the body are aroused.
2. For anger ($2) = 1.7051 x 10-24 g. Anger is a condition that results from the body's cells. The soul is angry.
3. For greed ($3) = 1.7051 x 10-24 g. There is no greed. There are some cells in the body that make up the soul.
4. For Moh ($4) = 1.7051 x 10-24 g. Maya Mamata is also made up of cells. These are the works of the soul.
5. For fish ($5) = 1.7051 x 10-24 g. To be jealous of someone's good looks. Expressing the wrath of the soul.
All in all, the addition of soul = ($1) + ($2) + ($3) + ($4) + ($5) = (SCm) = 8.5255x10-24 g. This weight is the weight or energy of one soul arising from the absolute soul.
The soul cannot be seen. Not even in feeling. Just as light visualizes all the material worlds, so the soul is a particle of light. We do not see the light. When light is reflected on an object, we see the object in the light of light. All darkness in the dark. Darkness means the abundance of black. We can assume that the soul is everywhere in light and black. From what I think, the soul will never be able to exceed the Avogadro number NA = 6.0221367x1023 as a number. Because, one type of cell in the body is employed in one number. The number of some cells is 1012, 1013, 1014, 1015, 1016. The Avogadro number is a number whose weight is 1 / 6.0221367x1023 = 1.6605402 x 10-24 g. Scientists have analyzed the various characters of matter with the number of molecules or atoms. This is a unique common number. In my Complete Unified Theory (p. 110) I have seen the calculation of the distances of planets, stars, etc., the ratio of atoms and electrons with this number and the result obtained by multiplying it by 28 is almost equal to the result obtained by science. Giving an example will help you understand the facts (Figure 9).
The symmetry of arrangement of: Let, P = √ (2 π2 NAR) = 1.472 x1014 cm as the distance from the sun to planets in our solar system.

The ratio R = 1822.8885 which is known to us as the mass of atom (mu = 1.6605402 x 10-24 g) is divided by the mass of an electron (me = 9.1093897 x 10–28 g).

Showing the distances of the planets and stars here means the Avogadro number is a universal discovery used in world pairs. There are many such examples in science. This number is especially applicable to the absolute soul and the soul and supports the laws of nature of the living world. Spiritual science is fully supporting the law. So where is its place in the world of invisible rays in science?

Every life has constant soul. But the energy is different. It depends on span of life where all type of activities is there. So, billions of billions of souls are there in our Earth. Somehow soul of life will not exceeds the Avogadro number (NA = 6.0221367x1023).

Placement of soul

1)       The energy of soul of 70 years old person is 1.2722x10-26 erg and 1.92 times lager value then Planck energy h/[e] = 4.13566 x 10-15 eV-s.

A comparative figure is stated here of soul that how far larger than a Planck, photon and escape of two nucleons from their mutual gravitational attraction, the energy [10].

Figure 10 is explaining that the energy of soul will not exceed the value of Planck. Therefore, soul is present in very parts of body and commending to all cells to do work to fit. Because, the weight of soul is almost equal of Dalton. Now we can come to the point that soul is applicable to all matter. Planck energy using in every corner of science concerning matter, the mass of Dalton is to atom’s mass & as to soul. Matter can liberate energy at excited state. Excited means create life. Life means soul with all microscopic particles. Due to this reason, the scientists listed lifetime of particles and knows knowledgeable parson. Not only that, according to properties of energy: energy can transfer, cannot destroy. Gita says same word.

1)       As so the placement of the soul in E.M.R. figure is given here for evidence of it. The energy of a soul is almost double of Planck Constant. Figure of E.M.R. [24].

In Figure 11, different type of energy placed in E.M.R. which is known from standard broad cast to gamma rays. Below the slandered broadcast the place kept as blank. In this unused place shown here the energy of Planck, Eigen value, a photon. The soul energy (7.940 x 10-15 eV) has taken place just above Planck energy. From this view we can say soul is a matter like E.M.R.


The soul is a constant in the case of every living thing. The more samples of the life, the more samples of the soul. But the action and character of the soul is same in all living being. Man is human or inhuman because of the differences in his thoughts. That is why one person is one and the nature is not same to others. The same goes for living things. The soul is a force. Energy means the existence of matter. So, the soul is nothing in matter. Each organism acts as a different cell director in the body. When the cells of the body stop working, the soul does not stay in that body. The soul travels elsewhere. Because, energy does not die. That is why there is no death of the soul. The soul is immortal and the one eternal truth that was, is and will be. It is a very universal fact that few thousands of years ago, how did Lord Krishna know the wonderful analysis of energy or soul and was mentioned in the Gita? This is the only reason why I think of Krishna as God. Although it is not possible to analyze God. Because God is not a worldly substance. If the soul is not considered to be God, it does not seem unreasonable. Because the soul exists in the universe.

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