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An Extensive Review of Sunscreen and Suntan Preparations” from “Journal of Clinical Trials & Research”
Mironova TF*
Corresponding Author: Tatyana F Mironova, MD, Ph.D., FBUN Ekaterinburg Medical Center of Prevention and Health Protection of Working Industrial Enterprises, 620014 Yekaterinburg, Popov St. 30, Rospotrebnadzor, Russia
Received: May 27, 2019; Accepted: May 28, 2019; Published: October 14, 2019;
Citation: Mironova TF. (2019) An Extensive Review of Sunscreen and Suntan Preparations” from “Journal of Clinical Trials & Research”. J Clin Trials Res, 2(3): 144-145.
Copyrights: ©2019 Mironova TF. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.


The relevance of a subject of the literary review does not raise doubts, has global value, not only ultra-violet, infra-red, thermal and light radiation, but also radiation concerns all and everyone in the conditions of loss of an ozone layer, strengthening of the solar radiation bearing. Their strengthening changes living conditions on the earth and absolutely offers restrictions of insolation, differentiated for each region. In this regard a subject, it is presented to the publication of scientific work, defines the scientific direction addressed practically to all medical specialties, not only clinical pharmacologists, dermatologists and profile oncologists.

The author, on the basis of probably own experience and profound knowledge of publications on a subject offers expert opinion in the form of the scientific literary review. I consider the choice of such form of representation successful, attractive to citing and a discussion, important for promoting of the magazine.

The scientific novelty has no relation to absolutely new problem or the concept as the problem is known long ago and on its basis the pharmacological enterprises in cosmetology with competent approach to industrial production of products are created. But not faultless, as for not enough studied autonomous effects of the offered protective equipment of insolation. Nevertheless, the scientific novelty contains in the provided proofs of a problem of adverse action of insolation. Proofs are provided in the submitted review at first from the analysis of epidemiology of prevalence of adverse and necessary positive effects of insolation taking into account global, climatic, national conditions, and, subsequently, with the analysis of the adverse immunological effects provoking violations from burns and aging of skin before activation of atypical proliferation of cages from insolation. Superfluous? As far as? It is still impossible to answer these questions. Most likely, answers to these questions individual taking into account versatile features of an organism, including hereditary and constitutional. In the 4th section of the literary review the general assessment of positive effects of ultra-violet influence and emphasis is offered the author places on  without infrared radiation which, working combined with, introduces the thermal effect amendments in result of influence of Ural federal district. Utilitarianly – providing rush of blood to peripheral fabrics, changing not only biochemism, but also cellular composition of this liquid substance. It not a remark to the author of the review, it is rather a hint for additional questions which the scientific community should solve once. The highly skilled author, is sure, understands an integralnost of reactions of a human body to any influences. It is proved by the theory psycho-emotional somato-vegetative integration. 

Literary data of opposite directed positive and negative estimates of suntan of skin are provided in the 5th section of the review. Probably, it is not that situation to which the proverb is applicable “Beauty will save the world”. It is also proved by the called part of article. Therefore it is positive and the recommendations of the author to doctors to use of means against side effect of insolation are perceived. They not final also demand personalisation. However, at medical science still long way to the general improvement and to the subject presented in article. The possibility of development of cancer of skin from solar radiation is repeatedly mentioned in this section of article. The author of the review and the quoted authors are right. It takes place to be and has to set people thinking seriously in a pursuit of beauty. I believe that the solar insolation is related not only to dermatology. The author of the review partially represents oncology of  somatic bodies  after  an  excess  dose  of  solar radiation. I believe that in a discussion after the publication of the review there can be examples of oncological pathology of a somatic profile. The author of the review presents profound knowledge of chemistry in cosmetology in the seventh section. At acquaintance to this section a conclusion arises. That in each cosmetic for protection against insolation, there are components having toxic properties. But in this case it would be good to reflect degree of a resorption of the mentioned components of means for protection against insolation. In this case the thought of generalized influence arises when the resorption through skin is sufficient. For example, substances on the basis of benzene which in 1958 were forbidden with replacement of a homolog of benzene – a xylol deserves attention direct myelotoxic action of all group of benzene origin. Moreover, still it is not defined yet at what dose influence of benzene can cause benzene leukoses or other example. The compounds of chlorine mentioned in the review also guard as chlorine once was fighting toxic agent. It was applied in World War I for the purpose of chemical defeat of the opponent of Germany. Therefore the scientists who perhaps became interested in the review could provide additional data on defeat of bodies and systems at external use of sunblock creams and more rational option of their moderate use or non-use. In general, knowledge of the chemical formulas applied in cosmetology in broad aspect causes respect. It is recommended to pay attention to independent effects of multicomponent mixes at continuation of researches on the real subject. Chemical interaction of components is with each other capable to create the new substances differing from initial including with more expressed toxic properties. Different action assessment new components are even more difficult. Stated is not a remark, but only a kind wish.


The review of the published articles which were peer-reviewed and recommended for the press is submitted and, respectively do not need substantiality of reliability. The relevance of a subject of the review does not raise doubts. It is proved by providing epidemiological data, results of the chemical analysis of cosmetology means for protection against insolation and also the recommendations of the expert who deeply knows problems of excess insolation and its consequences.


Recommendations for protection against insolation are offered. As the attention is focused on toxic components of protective cosmetics, sense of the review to pay attention to inadmissibility of those in the called products.

Thus, the subject of the review submitted for the publication is very relevant, represents result of profound knowledge of pharmacological cosmetology, the target review of 185 sources of literature. Thus the subject is relevant, stated by good language of science, can significantly fill up knowledge of the researchers working in cosmetology. I believe that because of high relevance of a subject of the review there will be responses to article and, perhaps, a discussion on a review subject with participation of other scientists working in this area. There are no essential comments on article. The review gives information important for medical science, is worthy publications in the magazine. The serious work capable to enrich medical scientific knowledge is done. The review has practical value, in the cosmetic industry on the first place on the importance puts maintaining human health. The author would like to advise to publish the presented material the separate book, or the information letter. The volume of article is a little rather big for journal article, but in view of relevance of a subject of article a question of publishing of the review in the magazine of clinical tests and researches concerning the size have to be solved by the technical editor.