Psychological Complications Due to COVID 19
Jamil Anjum*, Ghafoor Hammad and Jamil Razia
Corresponding Author: Anjum J, Department of Animal Ecology, School of Life Science, Zhengzhou University, 100 Science Avenue, Zhengzhou, Henan, 450001, P. R. China
Received: July 23, 2020; Accepted: August 18, 2020 Available Online: September 20, 2020
Citation: Anjum J, Hammad G & Razia J. (2021) Psychological Complications Due to COVID 19. J Immunol Res Ther, 6(1): 240-243.
Copyrights: ©2021 Anjum J, Hammad G & Razia J. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
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COVID 19, have been threatening the community by its mysterious nature, the losses had been observed in terms of mortality, and economically to cover up the medical treatment expense since late on December 2019, when consecutive cases of unknown pneumonia had been observed in china. Later the resolution had been taken by the WHO, and international emergency had been released to overcome the spreading and make sure the people health throughout the world. Virus was not being careful of the border; all the countries had been equally shattered by the outbreak of virus pattern. The losses have been concluded in the form of mortality and economically threatened being observed, that make the world full of panic condition. Preventive strategies have been adapted in the form of reducing the overcrowding of the people, social distancing was being adapted, marketplaces all the gathered industries and the most importantly education sector was being kept banned till the second order. Communication between the countries was being strengthened by taking seminar online and information has been spreading in the form of telecommunication, necessity has been given to make sure the proper medical facilities in all over the world. People protect themselves from being ill by the pandemic but the one thing which make their life worsen is the psychological pressure, so my article has been based on the behavioral changing in the people due to over burden of panic and restriction to move outside just keep them inside the home in tight position, that make them to conceive suicide, getting in complications, like anxiety, illness, depression, Pherania and the most social sign is the divorce which was being observed due to persistence stay of male partner in the home without doing any work, so the outbreak keep the people free from getting ill by corona virus but make them involve into another more complication which would have been undue if the condition would have been persists like this.

Keywords: COVID 19, WHO, Depression, Anxiety, Pandemic


Pandemic is the most serious threat that put the world into severe challenges since the late of December 2019 when few cases of unknown pneumonia has been reported in china Wuhan Hubei [1]. Later on, China put forward its effort and declared the etiology of unknown as SARS COV 2 the causative agent. China has been continuously forwarding the history of pneumonia to the WHO, as being serious threat, later on WHO declared international emergency [2], and restriction has been imposed by following a lot of measures. Restriction has been imposed by different countries by putting banned in all the sectors like education, industries and other gathered places to make sure early detection and prevention against the pandemic [2].

SARS COV 2 associated with the respiratory symptoms causing pathogens, such as pneumonia, sneezing, coughing and in later stages difficult breathing, but few complications that have also been raised, is still being kept as a neglected issue, such as mental illnesses, so my focus is being observed on the behavioral changing of the people due to over whelming effect of pandemic.

Psychological issues is the more complicated problems that have been arising due to over burden on the person, in terms of restriction have been imposing on them, with never been doing any work, kept them loneliness, take off all the physical activities, such has been kept in close vicinity, with the lack of facilities and health care system, so such patients has also need to be treat them with affections [3].

The issue which have been becoming more seriously in the world, is the mental complications [4], because the people have restricted to not been doing any social act, make them confuse inside the home, any person move out would being the source of infection, so the fear of getting illnesses, and fear of untreatable, or not manage financial system, put the person into mental outcomes which has been seeing in the form, depression, anxiety and other psychological concern which have not been treated due to pandemic, was being become a serious threat [5].

Side by side the frontline of defense against pandemic are the medical professionals they have been putting their life against the virus to protect the laymen, but the over burden, uneasiness, lack of facilities, increasing duty hours and other severity of the cases, increases the counting of the cases, over work may lead to not to sleep properly and few complications was being reported like, insomnia, depression, anxiety, blurred vision, are the alarming signs to be taken into consideration [6].

Fear of becoming quarantined if found affected, is the big threat for the people to make themselves clear that infective person would be kept in an isolation with long period of time, by providing them lack of medical facilities, would have been making the people thinking a little bit negative against the treatment concern of the government, and they start thinking themselves and being [7] panic and ultimately may fall into more complicated threatening issues such as depression, anxiety, aggressiveness, unable to withstand just a simple term of medicine, not to cope with the family, make the people a little bit upset from their normal and ultimately condemned them to make their life shut without of making further progress [8].

So by keeping in view all the above mentioned illnesses, my study has focused in the different literature review relevant to the psychological complications due to pandemic and negligence of the government would have been kept unchecked, so the need of the day is to find out the solution of such complications by releasing different strict measures and put the people into more comfort zone rather than making them to feel panic for getting infected. Government should take an effort and manage the more assessing concern such as aware the people to be spending their times without of being panic and should release restriction with certain SOPS.

Susceptible community due to pandemic

SARS COVID 2 pandemic have been arising and make sure the world to be aware of the precautionary strategies, by keeping in view the health care system and etiological perspective of this disease, the professionals and the government care workers have been put forward its decision and released the different restrictions, those one is so strict to fulfil the daily persons health conditions. Despite of being fighting against the virus tremendously, but over grow of pandemic, and alarming situation which was being showed to the people has been making them so panic that they unable to cope with them, emotional distress have been arising such as, unavailability of the proper set up, just to keep them inside the home without of being managing the social act, relatives have been kept in the quarantine, restrictive to be have a look, some persons children been quarantine, with no need to have a look after them, lack of facilities, unable to withstand financial need, set up have been adjusted in such a way that people not known their own need, so all these factors put aside and interrupt the normal passage of a person, followed by the development of mental illnesses that unable to maintain normally, and people started suffered from mental illnesses, such stress, to stay home with long period of time may affect physical means, anxiety to be fear of getting ill, [8] depression too much thinking on the same point, post-traumatic stress disorder, due to natural cause of pandemic, may lead to trauma, insomnia, especially for the care taker, who spent their whole day by curing the patients, in terms of lower facilitates of the medicine and long duty hours, no time to sleep, [8] concern about their love ones got infected, unprotected equipment and the most susceptible to psychosocial diseases are the elderly people, they are immunocompromised, unable to withstand any sudden pandemic jerk, stayed home not allow to walk make them irritable, and use some over thinking habit. Last and the not least are the concern children being used to go to school to spend half day hours in socializing, studying, meeting with friends and playing, have been stuck into one corner by not doing any activity and effected with malnutrition, effect the children needs badly.


The most effected community which was being neglected so far, are the students especially those one, who have been making their life better in the abroad countries, and spending a lot of time with hard work to make their degrees, is being restricted in their countries since several, without doing any educational activity, they do not have any facilities to get education, online system have been provided but that is a not satisfactory to full the demand of the students, lack of education facility especially biological students whose need to conduct experiment in the lab to meet their demands of degree, still lack and restrict inside the home. Few students who got their selection in abroad on the basis of their excellent academic performances such as scholarship students, to fulfil their daily needs and would have been getting education free of cost, being restricted in the home, so such students they have only scholarship was the main route of getting income due to pandemic it was finished and they got trapped in the tightness of restriction, since late of December such students have not been meet their monthly stipend, so that is the main concern to overwhelm emotional stress, and put them into severe psychosocial complications.



Pandemic have been affecting the livelihood of all ranks persons in terms of affecting their behavioral pattern such as, restriction was being imposed by the government to make sure their presence inside the home, precautionary should be followed while handling any gathering activity, professional should face the challenges without getting proper set up of medical facilities, all the drawbacks like to stay at the hospital throughout the night work imposed without considering proper time management, and relatives death in front of them make them so irritant and affect their psychological considerations, which is marked with anxiety, depression, fear, panic, double vision, abnormality, over thinking, and unconsciousness, all these factors are untearable, so the government should have to protect the people from psychological effect of the pandemic, with proper notice, otherwise undue losses would have been observed, this article concluded all the secondary complications due to pandemic. Especially faced by the frontline workers, people inside home and especially students.


SARS COV2 is the severe complications that have been ruined the world since late of December 2019, when first hit was being observed in China, Wuhan, where lot of people found to be affected with unknown cases of pneumonia, and suddenly after taking notice by the WHO, it was declared the exact name of the virus was COVID 19, [9] later on emergency had been announce thorough out the world, restriction have been imposed to set up the all ill consideration of the pandemic, different protocol had been released in globally, where the people had been strictly allowed to be adapted such techniques [10].

Sectors in different countries had been putting their effort to make sure proper settlement against pandemic and protect its farther spreading, awareness strategies and precautionary adaptation had been announced to be developed, without disturbing people, restriction imposed in terms of shut down all the gathered are, market places, museums, gyms, sports activity all the garments industries and moreover the more gathered one is the educational sectors, these all things put an effort to make person interrupt inside the room without of taking any social activity, such parameters have been brutally effected the people in all categories, the most affected one are frontline workers, people completely restricted inside the room, students were just focus on their online learning without any physical existence [11].

Mortality had been exponentially putting pressure on the frontline workers to make some arrangement to cope up with disease, but due to unavailability of the medical facilities, infrastructure, improper set up, lack of quarantines [5], increasing containment of cases, death of relatives in front of the workers, make the complete population especially frontline workers into more psychological consideration, such as anxiety, depression ,panic, fear, double vision, over thinking, moreover, the other one who stayed inside the house without doing any activity had been ended up with the dispute with their female partner, so resulting divorced, lot of divorces have been observed due to followed restriction facilities, the more containment community wide the students, who had been keeping their study by adapting online assessment evaluation that make them to fulfill learning in online basis, but this system was ignorant for those who have not such facilities to take online classis such as WIFI, IT system that make them to be engaged in a depression or other anxiety conditions [12].


By keeping in view the behavioral change in people the need of the day is to find out some means to attain the people from getting psychological consideration, because such people have not been satisfied with their normal lives, so government should have been worked on it and make sure their health concern and provide the, such facilities that out them to be involved in some physical activity, if the government have been putting its effort to provide entertainment to the people then this critical situation could easily been overcome, the need if the day is to assess some other strategies which totally allow people to feel free in this kind of atmosphere.

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