International Journal of Fungal Genetics and Biology

International Journal of Fungal Genetics and Biology provides a forum for scientists, scholars, academicians, researchers, and students by providing Open access platform for publishing their work in the emerging field to publish high-quality original research on the latest advances of fungal diseases. It covers experimental investigations of fungi and their traditional allies that relate structure and function to growth, reproduction, morphogenesis, and differentiation. International journal of Fungal Genetics and Biology includes strain improvement, identification of unknown markers and production of multiply marked strains, the characterization of otherwise anonymous temperature sensitive mutations in Neurospora and the development of selectable markers based on TS lethal strains. For many fungi, variation also includes genetic instability of the individual isolate. However, genetics can do much more than issue caveats; its techniques, especially when combined with those of molecular biology, are invaluable tools for investigating problems ranging from cell function on the one hand to population dynamics on the other. Advance Treatment for Yeast Infection, Antifungal Drugs and Market Analysis, Fungal Dermatitis ,Fungal Diseases in Plants, Fungal Ecology, Fungal Enzymes and Applications, Fungal Genetics and Biology, Fungal Genome, Fungal Genome Sequencing, Fungal Hyphae, Fungal Nail Infection, Fungal Pathogens. 

International Journal of Fungal Genetics and Biology accepts Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini-review, Case Reports, Opinion, Letters to the Editor and Editorials, Rapid and Short Communications, Commentary on all the aspects of Fungal genetics and biology. Submitted articles are subjected to stringent peer review and revision process before being accepted for publication, to maintain quality and significance of journal. The articles published are made freely and permanently accessible online immediately upon publication thus improving the citations for authors and attaining a good impact factor. Journal of Fungal Genetics and Biology welcomes submissions of manuscripts via Online Submission System or via email to the Editorial Office at


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