Author Guidelines

Submission of an Article
The Manuscript/Article submission process in the SciTech Central Journals is quite a simple and quick process.
Article/Manuscripts can be submitted by one of the author/corresponding author, who is listed in the manuscript while submitting the manuscript files.
The submission of manuscript files should be in Word or PDF (pdf, doc, docx,) format.
Submit manuscripts as an e-mail attachment via mail to
A manuscript number will be emailed to the corresponding author within 72 hours.

Essential elements for submission
  • Cover letter*
  • Manuscript*
  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Supplemental Material

All the Authors are encouraged to provide the names and contact information for 3–5 external reviewers, though Associate Editors are not obligated to use these suggestions. Authors may also indicate researchers whom they feel should not review the submission.

Article Prep