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Vegetations Spread Out Along With Turbulent Flow From Flail Mitral Valve
Hack-Lyoung Kim, M.D*, and Joo-Hee Zo, M.D
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Another face of Digoxin Toxicity
Sung Gu Jung, MD and Min-Kyung Kang, MD, PhD*
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Traumatic Adrenal Hemorrhage
Cheng-Yu Wang and Chun-Hung Chen*
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Hypoglossal Neurinoma of The Carotid Space Segment
Natalia Rotaru, MD, PhD, Maxim Crivcheanschii, MD, Janna Punga, MD, PhD, Eugeniu Condrea, MD, and Ion Codreanu, MD, PhD*
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Clival Chordoma Surgically Seeded in the Nasal Septum Following a Biopsy
Montserrat A Lara-Velazquez MD, Sara Ganaha MD, Jang W Yoon MD, MS, Clarence B Watridge MD, William Bolger MD, and Ronald Reimer MD*
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