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Volume: 1   Issue: 1
Cultural Differences on Recycling Behavior Based on Gender and Ethnicity in Malaysia
Saodah Wok* and Wan Fatin Munira
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The Link between Chlamydial Trachomatis and Peri-menopausal Bleeding: A Cross Sectional Study
Abdel-Rahman Anbar*
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Is an Ammeter Necessary to Determine Sterilization by Fulguration, Using Modern Electrosurgical Generator Unit?
Marcelo Ivo Campagnolo, Ricardo dos Reis, Ricardo F Savaris*, Marcele Oliveira dos Santos and Lucia Maria Kliemann
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Two Cases of Deep Vein Thrombosis that Developed During Pregnancy
Jiao Shen*, Tadashi Iwamiya, Tetsu Wakimoto, Takako Taguchi, Takuma Oyama, Yoshiko Komoto and Masahiko Takemura
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Home Economics and its Institutionalization in the U.S: Reflections on Woman, Society, Knowledge and New Challenges
Fabio Luiz Rigueira Simao*
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